1. How to Connect to Wi-Fi in Kyoto

How to Connect to Wi-Fi in Kyoto

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Yuichi Nagai

Yuichi Nagai

I am Nagai Yuichi ,CEO of S-fleage a company in Kyoto. We are spreading the charms of Kyoto to the world. I hope this article is helpful for your experience in Kyoto!

This guide will introduce everything you need to do to stay connected to Wi-Fi during your Kyoto trip, as well as giving you tips on some great free Wi-Fi spots in the city!

Kyoto, and Japan as a whole, is improving ways in which tourists can connect to Wi-Fi services with things such as KYOTO Wi-Fi! Learn how to utilize them so you will never lose connection! Both free and paid Wi-Fi options are available to you, including pocket Wi-Fi devices that can connect to your iPhone. Keep online no matter where you are in Kyoto!

Explore the wonders of Kyoto and share all those beautiful shots on social media!


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KYOTO Wi-Fiwifi network

KYOTO Wi-Fi is all over the city and one of the most useful free Wi-Fi networks in all of Kyoto! All you need is an email address or an SNS account and you are ready to go!

What is KYOTO Wi-Fi?

KYOTO Wi-Fi is a free Wi-Fi service provided to everyone, both Japanese and foreign tourists alike, by Kyoto City and its partners. It is a Wi-Fi hotspot network with places to connect to all over the city for your convenience.

You will have to perform the authentication procedure every 30 minutes like most public Wi-Fi systems if you are using the Wi-Fi at a bus stop or on the subway, but other than that it is simple and hassle free! It is available to use during most hours of the day and night, but the services close between the hours of 1am and 5am at bus stop hotspots.

Where can I connect to KYOTO Wi-Fi?

KYOTO Wi-Fi hotspots are conveniently located mostly around bus stops, train stations and other public services. This means you will never get lost when traveling around the city. Whether you need to take a bus to Kinkaku-ji or Kiyomizu Temple, this Wi-Fi will enable you to know which buses to take, and where to get off.

Public Wi-Fi Connecting

As with all public Wi-Fi systems around the world, there is a risk that transmitted data could be intercepted. When using KYOTO Wi-Fi, please be aware of these dangers and avoid inputting sensitive information into your device, such as credit card information. KYOTO Wi-Fi is generally very safe to use, but the risk is always there, so please kept it in mind.


Below is the KYOTO Wi-Fi map showing all the free Wi-Fi hotspots in Kyoto. There are many places to connect around Shijo and Kyoto Station, so you should not have a problem finding a hotspot. (https://kanko.city.kyoto.lg.jp/wifi/fullscreen.php)


How to Login and Connect to KYOTO Wi-Fi

Logging into KYOTO Wi-Fi is very simple with this breakdown guide!

Step 1: Select SSID (Wireless Network)

Go to your Wi-Fi setting screen on your preferred device (in “Settings” on the iPhone). Then, select KYOTO Wi-Fi and launch your device’s Internet browser to open the KYOTO Wi-Fi service page.

Step 2: Select How You Want to Login

On the KYOTO Wi-Fi service page, you will have four options to choose from in order to login to this free Wi-Fi service. Choose your preferred login method and either “Log-in with SNS account authentication” or “Log-in with email address authentication”.

Step 3: Login with your Preferred Method

If you choose to login with an SNS service such as Facebook or Twitter, you need to enter your SNS account (ID, password). Once you do and authentication is completed, you will then be able to use KYOTO Wi-Fi.

If you choose to login via email instead, you will be initially required to enter your email for a temporarily registration. An email with a URL link contained will be sent to the registered email, so open the email and click on the link to complete the main registration. After clicking the link, KYOTO Wi-Fi will become available to you.

Notice about Registering to Use KYOTO Wi-Fi

Connecting to KYOTO Wi-Fi is free because the connection required for authentication uses the “KYOTO Wi-Fi” connection environment.

However, if the main registration is not carried out after receiving the email with the link within 5 minutes, the Internet will be cut off (if you are logging in using email instead of an SNS). Once the main registration is complete, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi for one month!

Condition of Use for KYOTO Wi-Fi

When using KYOTO Wi-Fi, you are forbidden from undertaking illegal activities such as copyright infringement, violating personal property, or committing an act of offensive to public order and morals. Please read the terms of conditions on the service screen carefully before you register.


Free Wi-Fi Services other than KYOTO Wi-FiKyoto Starbucks

KYOTO Wi-Fi is awesome, but there are many other free Wi-Fi services everywhere in Kyoto that are very useful for tourists coming to Japan!

Convenience Stores

Japanese convenience stores are just that: convenient! They are located all over Japan, open 24 hours a day, and have free Wi-Fi in all their stores.

 Simply walk up to a nearby Lawson, Family Mart or Seven Eleven, connect to their Wi-Fi through your devices Wi-Fi settings and follow the on-screen instructions. It is very convenient and because often you do not even need an email address to do it!

If you ever get lost in Kyoto, there will always be a convenience store nearby with Wi-Fi for you to use and get your bearings.


There are Starbucks cafes dotted all over Kyoto, and most of them have Wi-Fi hotspots for you to use. They are a great place for you to take a break and connect to the Internet during your trip to Japan.

I strongly suggest you go to the now famous Starbucks located in Ninenzaka, close to Kiyomizu Temple. This Starbucks has been designed to look like a traditional Japanese building to match the historical street where it is located in Higashiyama. There is no other like it in the world. You can login to Starbucks’ hotspots with an email address.

Kyoto’s Hotels

Most hotels in Japan offer free Wi-Fi, even cheaper hostels like Hana Hostel or J Hopper establishments. The internet speeds are pretty good, and most do not require an email address to login.

 You are usually given a Wi-Fi password when you check in to the hotel and pick up your key. If you did not, read the hotel information pack in your room, or ask a staff member at the reception. Most hotels offer free Wi-Fi in both your room and in the lobby, which is very convenient if you are meeting friends in front of the hotel before exploring Kyoto.

Kyoto Station

KYO NAVI, the tourist information center located in Kyoto Station is not just a place where you can pick up maps and leaflets; it is also a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Just make your way to the center of the station on the second floor. It is open 8:30 to 19:00 every day. I suggest you pick up some maps from here before starting you adventure in Kyoto to help you along the way. The staff their speak English and are very friendly so ask them if you have any problems with connecting to the Wi-Fi or need help with your trip.

PORTA, a shopping mall located underneath Kyoto Station is a great place to do some shopping and get something to eat, but did you know it also has free Wi-Fi? Not only that, but there is even a space available where you can just sit and browse the Internet on your device! Simply connect to KYOTO-PORTA through the Wi-Fi settings on your device and get surfing! What is great about the Wi-Fi access at PORTA is that there is no registration required. Simply connect and use right away!


Renting Pocket Wi-Fi in Kyotopocket wifi

Renting a portable pocket Wi-Fi is a great way to always stay connected during your Kyoto trip!

TSUNAGARU Corporation Pocket Wi-Fi 

If you want to always remain connected no matter where you go in Kyoto, I suggest you hire a portable pocket Wi-Fi system.

TSUNAGARU Corporation runs a Kyoto pocket Wi-Fi service that is easy to use and convenient. If you rent a pocket Wi-Fi with them, they will even deliver it to your hotel so it is ready to pick up when you check in. If you order online before 19:00 (if payment has been confirmed by this time), they will be able to deliver it to your hotel on the next day! You can pay online via either credit card or PayPal, and prices go from 7,000 yen for one week (not including 500 yen insurance). When your rental period is up, simply post it back to the company using the provided envelope you will receive when they send it to you. It is a very comfortable, hassle-free system that will make your trip to Kyoto all the more enjoyable.

Ninja Wi-Fi 

Ninja Wi-Fi is another pocket Wi-Fi service similar to TSUNAGARU Corporation, except that Ninja Wi-Fi can be picked up and used anywhere in Japan (TSUNAGARU Corporation can only deliver in Kyoto). It offers unlimited 4G-LTE and a flat payment rate from as low as 800 yen per day, and can be picked up at the airport as soon as you arrive in Japan, at a pickup counter, or delivered to your hotel. When it comes to flying home, simply take the pocket Wi-Fi router back to an airport desk, pickup counter, or post it back via mail. A Yamato Post form is enclosed in the rental kit, so I recommend using that if you decide to post it back to the company.



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You can just connect Wi-Fi in Kyoto, your time in Kyoto would be nice one.

I’m hoping you will spend great time in Kyoto.

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Yuichi Nagai
Yuichi Nagai
I am Nagai Yuichi ,CEO of S-fleage a company in Kyoto. We are spreading the charms of Kyoto to the world. I hope this article is helpful for your experience in Kyoto!