1. Maiko’s Kimono and Unique Items on Rainy Days

Maiko’s Kimono and Unique Items on Rainy Days

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Maiko and geiko wear kimono everyday except day offs (usually twice a month). Those of you who have tried to wear kimono before can imagine how hard it is to wear kimono from morning to night.


Kimono is their life. Kimono is their routine. 

Like people lived 500 years ago, the time when kimono was the standard clothing for everyone.


Simple kimono are usually worn by them for morning practices of dance, tea and Japanese instruments.



When maiko and geiko put on famous white makeup, they have to wear dedicated long kimono with some layers. Without the makeup and kimono, they aren’t allowed to dance in front of customers at ozashiki, a dinner room.



It’s a basic of the basic rules of maiko and geiko’s kimono. In addition to that, they have special items for a rainy day to protect their beautiful kimono.




■Japanese Umbrella


This traditional umbrella is used when they are wearing kimono on a rainy day. The umbrella is made of bamboo and paper by a skillful craftsman. 


The color of the umbrella 
is red, but when it’s closed, it looks black since its framework is colored with black ink. Maiko and geiko’s names are written on each umbrella to show which belongs to whom. 



It’s much heavier than common plastic umbrellas, so it isn’t suitable for an everyday use. However, maiko and geiko are Japanese cultures themselves, so they must show things very traditional of Japan to people. It’s a reason why they never bring a plastic umbrella while they’re wearing kimono.


It’s able to be used over 5 years in spite of being made of paper and bamboo!







■Rain Coat


To cover expensive kimono from rain, maiko and geiko wear a waterproof rain coat. It’s long enough to cover a whole kimono to prevent from getting wet with rain and snow.


Not only on rainy or snowy days, they also wear a coat when to take trains to avoid getting dirt on kimono.


△ Maiko Fukune’s rain coat, longer sleeves


△ Geiko Mitsuna’s Rain Coat


Just like Kimono, Maiko have a bright color coat compare to Geiko. Each of them wear a coat of different colors and patterns.





■Rain Zori


Zori means Japanese-style footwear. Tabi is a pair of Japanese socks worn under zori. Since most of tabi are white, it’s hard to keep them clean on a rainy day. Imagine when you’re wearing flip flops and it starts to rain… Now you understand the hardness, don’t you?


The plastic cover is removable, so maiko and geiko can take the cover on their favourite zori. Such a great idea!




Those three items are essential items of maiko and geiko on the rainy season.


If you’re in Kyoto on rainy days, pay attentions to their rain wear!