1. Steal Beauty Tips from Maiko! Tried Cosmetics Loved by Maiko!

Steal Beauty Tips from Maiko! Tried Cosmetics Loved by Maiko!

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Nanaka Shirasawa

It’ve been 20 years to live in Kyoto. No place to I possibly can live except Kyoto.


 Tried Cosmetics Loved by Maiko!

Sooo hoooot!! What a roasting day!!!!!

It’s still the end of May, but it seems summer has already come to Kyoto. It’s hot everyday and I feel like I’ll be melted really soon.
Those who are planning to visit Kyoto in summer, please be aware that Kyoto is one of the hottest cities in Japan. Sorry for the bad news.
Especially for female tourists, it must be terrible to have a makeup collapse by sweat during the trip.

You might think, “It has spoiled my makeup before taking nice portraits…,” yes, I can feel it.





◼︎ Maiko’s Makeup


Maiko’s makeup has no big change since the culture of maiko began. Except trends and personal preferences, basic makeup methods hasn’t changed. Maiko have continued to keep traditional ways how to create their beautiful faces.


Wearing white and never showing any skin troubles on their faces.

If we are able to put on makeup like them, we don’t have to worry about skin troubles every day. However, it’ll never be for us. Imagine a commoner wearing makeup like maiko suddenly appears in front of you. Just scary, right?


However, we can steal beauty tips from maiko in a different way.

Nowadays, beauty and makeup items which produced and promoted by geiko and maiko are released. Those products are getting popular in Japan. We call them “Kyo-Cosme,” means Kyoto-style cosmetics.


My mother said, “your face is like a zombi,” so I was looking for effective cosmetics these days, so personally this is a nice opportunity to buy and try some Kyo-cosme.


If you get more interest in them after reading this article, come to Japan and try them just like me!





◼︎Review After Using ”Kyoto Oshiroi Remover”


Maiko’s base makeup begins with applying oil to their faces. After oil, they apply oshiroi, white cream foundation, and then finish with white powder.
The thick base makeup isn’t removed until they finish working. It means that their skisn cannot breath for over 6 hours. Moreover, it’s hard to take off the makeup as oshiroi is kind of sticky.

By the hard makeup and working at late nights, their skins are getting tattered.


After hearing taiko’s troubles of skin, an effective makeup remover was developed. It’s made of natural materials gentle on skin, but easily takes off thick makeup.
It’s loved by many maiko and geiko. There is a head store in Kyoto City, so I went there to buy the useful skincare item.



In the store, there isn’t only the makeup remover, but there are also other kinds of skincare item such as face lotion and face washing. When I paid attention to the top display, there is a wide screen showing lovely maiko.



I found some familiar faces in the picture. Those maiko have been to our “Enchanted Time with Maiko” tour before. They are from the same okiya or a house maiko live together. What a coincidence. This is not deliberate, just found by chance!



They showed non-makeup faces in the pictures. Even though they don’t wear makeup, they’re so beautiful and cute.





Makeup Remover + Face Washing + Face Lotion / Portable Travel Set with Pouch and Mini Bottles
Three items are packed together. It’s reasonable and good for those who hesitate to buy a regular bottle like me. It just costs 1,500 yen (without tax).



The package and pouch look like this.
The stylishly designed pouch with a cute logo is very useful in daily life.

Let me see how it is.





Not much like maiko, I sometimes wear heavy makeup using a strong foundation and light eye color items. Just like for my face, I put up makeup on my hand.



As mu skin is sensitive, I used to apply oil-free face cleanser, but it didn’t work well!

It was just useless even though I tool a long time and tried several times. By repeating to use the item, my skin’s condition got worse and worse.

I assume that some of readers find the same trouble as I had. More than us, maiko face worries of skin everyday. Just imagine if you were a maiko and wears the thick makeup everyday. . .


Well, let’s see how it works to remove heavy makeup on my hand!



I’m surprised that the liquid is colored red a little bit. The reason is that it contains water of gold powder. According to the store staff, the water is effective to heals skin damages. The texture is soft and smooth, but it isn’t too light.



I didn’t trust it at this moment.



It didn’t take off the makeup by just pouring the oil.



However, as I scraped gently. . .



Yay! It perfectly worked!!



My impression for the oil cleansing is that it takes off ALL makeup with no need for eye makeup remover or additional scrubbing or toner!

After using it, your skin feels soft, so I think the oil keeps water in skin.
Now I understand why maiko like this oil cleansing.



The next one is face washing.
It makes creamy form by beating, looks it’s working properly.


After face washing, I used face lotion. Those two products also include water of gold power, so the texture is a little bit similar to oil cleansing. Not heavy. Just light. They’re suitable for summer.


As I tried today, I could know how they are excellent items which are worth to continue using it over the summer. The essential material of the items is water of gold. The special water is effective to make skin clear and white. Will my skin get better as I use it for a while?





■ Information

Price of Items



|Kyo No Oshiroi Remover (Cleansing Oil)

¥2,500 (without tax) /150ml



|Kyo No Oshiroi Remover Washing Form (Face Washing)

¥2,000 (without tax) /120g



|Kyo No Oshiri Remover Moisturizer (Face Lotion)

¥3,500 (without tax) /150ml


Official Website: https://www.kyono-oshiroiotoshi.com/en/



If you’re interested in products I introduced today, they’re available at the beauty store near the crossroads of Kawasuma St and Oike Street. You’re also able to buy them at Kyoto Station. Please check them out!


◼︎Phiten Shop Kyoto Karasuma ※TAX-FREE


◼︎Phiten Shop Kyoto tower



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Nanaka Shirasawa
Nanaka Shirasawa
It’ve been 20 years to live in Kyoto.
No place to I possibly can live except Kyoto.