1. Let's spend a memorable time with Maiko (January 18th, 2018)

Let's spend a memorable time with Maiko (January 18th, 2018)

Today’s Geisha

Fukuya-san, today’s Geisha, is from Miyagawacho (one of Kyoto’s Gokagai Geisha areas). Fukuya-san is a wonderful Geisha who is always cheerful and enjoys communicating with our guests.

This is the 3rd year for Fukuya-san as a Geisha, and she will be going to New York next month on a business trip.

Guests for today

Today we are pleased to welcome a family, the parents and their son from England.
We asked them about their trip.

The son has been traveling as a backpacker, and up to last week, he was in Hong Kong. The son decided to meet his parents at Haneda airport, in Japan, so that they all could travel to Kyoto in the afternoon by Shinkansen (bullet train). The son is planning to go on to other Asian countries again, as the backpacker, for a month after spending time in Kyoto, and before returning to England.



It’s always a pleasure to find people who come and stay in Kyoto, and are able to spend some special time at Enchanted Time with Maiko whilst traveling for a long time.


We sometimes have guests, like the son, who stop off during long-term trips. You can, therefore, imagine how the guests get excited about sharing their travels with other guests – one of the pleasures of traveling. Without exception, we always enjoy listing.


Now it’s time for dancing, and this is when the Geisha turn into ‘beauty mode’ from ‘friendly mode’ during their chatting time. At the same time, as the guests are led by her, it is difficult for the guests to not be mesmerized by the Geishas movements, even down to the tips of her fingers.

Say goodbye ”Okini”


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