1. Overview of the pre-event.NO2(Mar 15th ,2017)

Overview of the pre-event.NO2(Mar 15th ,2017)





We conducted the pre-event in preparation for the first “Enchanted time with maiko” that will be held on April 11th. We were happy to have 10 clients involved in this event.




|Time With Maiko





This time, a maiko named Fukuya visited us. She is very pretty but acted with great confidence when she performed her dance. Furthermore, when she visited clients at the table individually, she and clients asked each other many questions, which made time pass very quickly.



For the Ozashiki (parlor) games, even though there was a rule that you get a gift if you win but must drink as a penalty if you lose on a one-on-one basis against her, we enjoyed the calls she gave, which were cute and different every time.



So the participants had fun whether they won or lost.



|Towards held




We wondered at how quickly the two hours passed playing games and talking with a maiko whom you rarely see.



The clients were smiling the whole time, which made us think that the participants enjoyed themselves quite a bit, but we also received some advice for improvement. Therefore, we have been making changes and preparations so that you will be able to enjoy this event even more as we move toward the kick-off on April 11th.



We suggest that you should try this experience at least once.