1. First VIP Tour (March 26th, 2017)

First VIP Tour (March 26th, 2017)

| With heart-warming sisterly love







The first ever VIP Tour was held on March 26th. The first group of visitors were a married couple from Australia.




It seems all the preparations were done for them somehow by the wife’s younger sister as a surprise trip, organised in heartfelt thanks for always looking out for her children. It seems like these couple first heard about the plan in a taxi on the way to a party. I was deeply moved by their sisterly love, especially as conveying gratitude can be difficult for anybody, not to mention the awkwardness of expressing it amongst family members.




Well the younger sister, her surprise plans were a success! So, in our first trip we were able to go out with this fantastic couple.





|Exciting fun in a Japanese tatami-style room, with a


“toratora” game







One of the most exciting moments in this VIP tour was playing a game called “Tora Tora” in a Japanese tatami-style room. The couple played the game of “Tora Tora,” a full-body version of “Rock, Paper, Scissors,”




one-on-one with a maiko (an apprentice geisha). Particularly, in the match between the couple, they locked eyes and there was feeling that a passionate battle was about to unfold. It was truly heart-warming to see them having so much fun.




Even looking just at the pictures, you can see how excited everyone appears! As it was a game that used simple mannerisms that could be learned by copying the maiko, and as it was easy to determine a winner,




I think it was a particularly fun experience.





|About the maiko for this trip…







Well, the maiko who visited was Kawayoshi no Fukune from Miyagawacho, in the third year of her apprenticeship. She was able to get an excellent response from the guests, and they gradually spoke more and asked more questions, and really began to enjoy themselves.




Because the guide’s translation was right on the mark, the tempo of the conversation continued at a lively pace. Although it seemed like it was the first time the guests had ever heard of the profession of “maiko,” through our plans for this trip they were able to learn about maiko,even if only a little.




Whether you know about maiko or not, everyone is warmly welcome! Certainly at least once, how about experiencing it for yourself?