1. Overview of the pre-event. NO1(December 18th,2016)

Overview of the pre-event. NO1(December 18th,2016)


Maiko is very mysterious people even for people who live in Kyoto like me. I’ve lived in Kyoto city for 19years, but we can’t imagine very much about Maiko. Sometimes I saw Maiko when I walked on Gion Street. They always made up typical white cosmetic while they were on way to work, so they looked always busy. Nobody can take photos with Maiko.


I always think about ‘I wanna talk with Maiko’, ‘I wanna take photos with Maiko’, but I knew people who can talk, play some game and spend time with Maiko are really rare and very rich because people who have never called Maiko like try to reserve first time cannot reserve. No one who call Maiko first time can meet Maiko. And also restaurant where people reserve to meet Maiko are very expensive. I didn’t know how to play game and rule.


However, one day I could know a plan that people who call Maiko first time, don’t know how to play can meet and play some game with Maiko. Of course I reserved this plan.







Here is the place where I reserved this plan. The restaurant is ENRAKU in Yasaka town. It takes about 10min from YASAKA shrine. There are many souvenir stores, I can see Japanese style Stone Street. I could feel culture of Kyoto. It was nice time.








When I arrived the room then, waiter gave me some nice food. It was course style, and it include fresh Sashimi and Oden that is typical Japanese stewed cuisine. The restaurant is famous about Oden cuisine, so it was awesome. I came here with some international student, and these guys also liked it.







And finally, Maiko was coming!!




She was so beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off from her.

At first, she showed dancing. It was amazing, each movement were elegant with Japanese traditional guitar ‘SHAMISEN’. And I surprised about distance. She danced very near from me and others. When I watched, I was moving so much, so my photos that I took on that time were also moving. lol







When she finished dancing, she came our table and started talking time. I asked some question what I wanna know kike life style of Maiko etc. I can only say the talking time was so nice because I could talk to Maiko who I watched dancing in a while ago. Her smile was so cute, I felt in love.

I’ve never forget one moment. It was when I see Maiko long time then, she watched me and just little bit smiled. I was just smiled too. lol I asked how old she was… she said she was just 17years old!!!! It was most surprised moment. I was knock out by the fact.


When she saw my cup was empty, she always pour into more drink. The distance between Maiko was near again. I moved so much again.






Next is playing game with Maiko. It’s called ‘OZASHIKI ASOBI’, and it’s traditional game in Kyoto history, but I know it’s also known as nobility game, so I was so excited because I had never tried before.





This is called ‘KONPIRA FUNE FUNE’, when I won against Maiko, she said I was great… I was lucky. Lol









This is called ‘TORATORA’, I was so excited! When I won, I got a souvenir!!!!! Buy when I lost, I drunk cup of Sake, it’s also drinking game. I was drinking with calling by Maiko. It’s okay to win or lose lol. Anwy Maiko is very cute!!!






I didn’t wanna finish but time was over, at last I took photos with Maiko. She received any request what I wanna take. When I saw Maiko on the street, I couldn’t take photos, so I was so happy.



I’ve never forget this moment. I heard that people can get SD card that photos that is taken by professional photographer on VIP plan.


I think it was really rare experience. I talked, played, watched dancing show and took photos with Maiko. It was enchanted time for me.

I recommend so much if you are confused. It’s absolutely great experience. After the plan, you’ll fall in love lol.