1. The First Main Tour (April 11th, 2017)

The First Main Tour (April 11th, 2017)

| The very first Main Tour was a success!








We just finished our very first Enchanted Time with Maiko Main Tour, with 4 groups of participants, 12 people in total, all the way from Germany, France, the US, and Malaysia.




In fact, one of the groups had just had one of the most exciting events in life. Can you guess what it was?





Yes, you’re right… They had just gotten married!






|Congratulations to the newly-weds!







Since the bride’s a big fan of Japan, they had a wedding in Kyoto on the same day and joined the Main Tour straight after. She was so beautiful smiling in the wedding dress, and the groom, who was very sweet to her, was looking so handsome in the tuxedo. They were such a lovely couple!





We felt really lucky to be able to share their special day with them. Congratulations! We wish you many many years of joy and happiness.




|You’ve got rhythm!








Konpira Fune Fune is a dinner game often played with maiko. In short, it’s a game playing with rhythm one-on-one. When I tried the first time, I lost right away and made it an excuse that I was a beginner.




However, everyone on the tour was so good at the game it lasted for a very long time! I guess I can’t use being a beginner as my excuse anymore. You’ve all got rhythm, everyone!



|About the maiko on this tour…







April is a busy month for maiko and geiko, as many of them have to perform on stage. This tour’s destination, Miyagawacho, holds the traditional Kyoto Dance performance almost every day, too. Among their busy schedule, a geiko named Satoharu joined to entertain us on this tour.




I had only been introduced to maiko just a while ago, and this was my very first time to meet a geiko. I’m sure I was feeling just as excited as the participants as we waited for her appearance. Geiko have more mature air around them compared to maiko, who are mostly cute, young girls.




I’m happy the participants seemed to enjoy Satoharu’s performance from start to finish. Thank you all for joining the tour!









I cherish all the moments I get to spend with maiko, geiko, and the tour participants. I’m sure it will be a precious experience for you, too. Come and try this tour sometime!