1. The second Main Tour (April 18th, 2017)

The second Main Tour (April 18th, 2017)

|A day when Maiko felt familiar!




We just finished our second Enchanted Time with Maiko Main Tour, with 5 groups of participants, 16people in total, all the way from New Zealand, the US, Germany, France, and Korea.



This time, a maiko named Hukuno(ふく乃) visited us. She was a very cute Maiko wearing a light blue kimono. The guide explained in detail her make-up, hairstyle, Kimono and accessiories etc. and got a little understanding of Maiko.



For example, the hair accessiory she is wearing is a special work that only on person in Kyoto is able to craft. Also certain colours on Kimono makes a Maiko more beautiful.








|Dance performances by Maiko




I was deeply impressed that she understood that she has been living regularly for a long time to become a Maiko, although she is only 15 years old. She gets up at 8 o’clock and trains until the night. And because she works until 2 AM the next day, she can only sleep around 5 to 6 hours a day!!




Also, there are regulations such as [Do not talk while walking], [Do not use mobile phones in front of people] etc, so when you go to bed you are surprised to use a special pillow to keep the hairstyle did.




After such a hard time, I was even more amusing that she was performing in front of us. Moreover, I felt a big meaning to each of her dance actions. Besides the movement of the body, delicate expressions were living also in the line of sight, the tip of the hand, and the toes.






|Special place of “Enraku”



At a Japanese restraurant called“Enraku”while eating the best traditional Japanese cuisine is Maiko’s dance appreciating, I felt like I became a Japanese past nobility. Also, I’m not simply looking at it, but I think that the time to talk with Maiko after the performance is a special experience for me.





Through a conversation since Maiko came to our table, we interacted and understood each other ‘s culture. While also asking personal questions, I was glad that I felt closer to Maiko.









In the following order, a traditional Japanese game started, this game is simple and also people who do not know this game can join and have fun immediately. If you win you get a price from Maiko, but there is a penalty to drink alcohol if you lose. However, if the participants got prices, they were all happy.










It was pitty that 2 hours passed quickly away, but I was able to take a beautiful picture with Maiko at the end. It was truly a special day in my life! For me who was very interested into Japanese culture, I think it will remain in my memory for the rest of my life.