1. A good cultural experience with Maiko (May 2nd, 2017)

A good cultural experience with Maiko (May 2nd, 2017)



We finished our 4th Enchanted Time with Maiko Main Tour, with 4groups of participants, 16people in total, all the way from the US, Italy, Australia,New Zealand and Japan.

May is the season of Rattan.

This week’s Maiko Ko-ume(小梅) is wearing a wisteria hair accessories.

Maiko’s head ornaments and kimonos have a pattern or color that symbolize the seasons every month.

The color of her kimono is a pale color that reminds us of the color of the wisteria, and the flowers in the circle told us of the fresh May season.










| A real voice

One of the students from Davis University in the US gave us a comment. “Ko-ume was so elegant, well-trained, and pleasant to talk to and watch. Her dancing was enchanting, with every single subtle movement of the body being purposely carried out with grace.











It was such a treat to have the Maiko sit at our table and have a conversation with us, and thanks to the hostess’ interpreting, people who couldn’t speak/understand Japanese could still communicate with her. We also got to play fun games with her for hich the rules were very easy to pick up quickly.











Overall, this was such a magical experience and is definitely one of the biggest highlights of my time in Kyoto.”They came to Kyoto as an exchange student around three months. They will do a lot of experience outside of college and by their positive feedbacks for this tour we’re glad to know it was one of their memorable experiences.




Also, a couple from Italy visiting Kyoto for a girlfriend’s birthday celebration, She told us “It’s really been a blast, a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure and that you don’t want to miss! Absolutely recommended!!”











|Effect of Maiko(Flower )business cards! ?





Flower business cards are also called ” Maiko business card”.

The background comes from a similar pronunciation in Japanese” Maiko” → “Maikomu( Fly in)”

Put it in your wallet or business card holder … Good luck and Love comes into you!


Why don’t you get good luck of business card from Maiko?