1. The splendid interaction with the Maiko (May 9th, 2017)

The splendid interaction with the Maiko (May 9th, 2017)



The second week of May is still bright even after 5 pm.

We found a cute pot for gold fish at the entrance of Enraku.








A small change makes a huge difference on the store’s atmosphere.









Also, there are several Maiko business cards attached to the entrance.

Each of the Maiko’s personalities stood out as great interior design.









This Maiko tour is held on the first floor of Enraku.

It is a room where you can enjoy traditional Japanese gardens with a different atmosphere from the second floor.





|First floor garden view from room.








The garden of traditional Japanese houses is based on religious devotion to the gods living in nature, and the Japanese garden is a space art created to reflect social and cultural backgrounds and ideas.


To create a garden, the plants, the scenery, and natural objects such as stones is are sometimes a delicate process and sometimes daring. This kind of garden is more worthy of the spiritual meaning by looking and reflecting, rather than taking a walk around it. This kind of garden has spiritual meaning beyond just a typical physical walk.










Today we had a short interview with Maiko before starting the tour.

Please look forward to seeing an article coming soon!









|Finally Maiko appeared!



Today’s Maiko is Fukune(ふく音).

She visited our main tour for the second time.

She a very dignified and charming Maiko so we expected more from the tour today.









Her appearance dancing in the backdrop of traditional gardens and houses was very gorgeous.

Everyone had forgotten to eat their food to appreciate her dancing.









|Mysterious time with Maiko





The time of the conversation started after the dance finished.

A couple of people came to Kyoto to learn Japanese for around four months, and they were delighted to meet and talk with Maiko, whom they had never seen before in Kyoto. Although she had already studied for today,she learned a lot about Maiko.









Maiko says it is easy to get tired with a 7-meter Obi, an 8-kilo Kimono, and a 600-gram hair set.

Nonetheless, the customer was amazed at the professionalism of Maiko, who did not make show my discomfort.









|An unstoppable laugh





Today’s game was even more exciting. We watched the Chinese guests who cosplayed in Miko(巫女).

Unfortunately, she lost in the game, but we enjoyed playing drinking games and drank beer from Maiko.









The girl was the only one who beat Maiko! The guest was surprised that she had defeated Maiko.









|New encounter





Time to take a picture!

A guest gave us a laugh again with a pose that surpassed everyone’s imagination !!









On this tour, we saw that all of guests were friends, talking happily each other and exchanging culture.









Finally, they happily shared travel information and contacts with each other.

Because of that, travelers who came to Kyoto with a variety of plans, wear able to make the memories of the place more special.