1. The fresh day of early summer with Maiko. (May 23, 2017)

The fresh day of early summer with Maiko. (May 23, 2017)



Today, there were even more special guests than usual, including eight months and two-year-old baby.

We’d like to invite four American, five Chinese, one person from Hong Kong, and English, a Polish couple, two Japanese, and two Korean.

Today’s Maiko

Hukukawaふく香奈(かな) has the cutest face with a typical Japanese that I can hardly believe she is 17 years old. She has been a Maiko for the second year.

Greeting from Maiko

It was about 30 degrees even though in the middle of May. On that day all the guest who gathered was also very high just like the weather. When Maiko emerged, everyone was busy stopping the action and taking pictures. it was like a superstar was coming for a few minutes. Maiko treated people who want take pictures by looking at each table so that all the guests could have fascinating pictures.

Fascinated by Maiko movement

After the explanation about Maiko, her dance began.

I totally could touch my heart by looking at her dancing that how great Maiko’s training was. It was sad I could not exactly take pictures of her feelings while she was dancing.

You can see the guests who do not want to miss a moment of dancing!

Especially today, everyone was totally focused on try to take a picture.

Questions Time

You can ask as many questions as you need about Maiko, either in Japanese or English. Maiko does not hesitate to answer any questions. The role of interpreting is most important. Our interpreter, Ikeno, has created a pleasant time for all our guests. We are fluent in translating English and Korean on our tour.

The youngest guest on our tour!

We were smiling all the time, seeing an eight-month-old baby. A child born between a Japanese dad and an English mum. We want the baby will become a great adult to be the bridge of the two countries in the future!

A special prize by Maiko sign

We needed one more explanation before started the game. As a game product of today, we prepared a special thing which is different from usual, and it is the Japanese fan Maiko’s signature was on. It is originally intended to be a VIP product, but it was only offered today as a demonstration. That lucky character is only 3 people!Anyone gets to the Japanese fan who win the game first.

The figure of Maiko who sign carefully.

Today’s game participation rate was very good, thanks to the special products. It was not easy to beat Maiko, but everyone is enjoying the game. If you lose, you have to drink a glass of beer or oolong tea it is your choice.

Even if you lose in the game, you can listen to Maiko ‘s song when you drinking.

Guests who won got to choose from the special offers. He looks very happy. His choice is going to…!?

Of course, He chose a picture of Maiko.

Another lucky guest who got the special prize. They were a couple from Poland and were with their two-year-old son. We hope that the last night of our trip will be on our tour, and it will be a memorable event in Japan. We take your group pictures or individual pictures with the Maiko, and we share the images with everyone on google drive.