1. She is a lovable Maiko. (May 30, 2017)

She is a lovable Maiko. (May 30, 2017)



It’s 18:00, but still bright outside. The days have gotten a lot longer.

The Japanese garden of Yasaka-Dori Enraku has also changed from the spring season.
How was the main tour of Enchanted Time with Maiko this week?



This time, we invited maiko Fukuno san. She’s slender and smart, but in contrast, her cute face soothed all guests. I was soothed by her too.

In this month, maiko wear kanzashi (hair accessories) of a hydrangea. The contrast of white, purple and green is just beautiful. Maiko’s kanzashi and kimono show seasonalities each month. In Japan, each month has a symbolic flower, so you’ll find the flower of the month just by seeing maiko’s kanzashi and kimono.

Beautiful kanzashi and yellow kimono suit her very much.

She was wearing an orange obi, sash, which is a good combination with a mild yellow kimono. Even she turned backward, the sight of her back looked so pathetic.

Lots of Photographers!

It seemed there were many professional photographers. Guests enjoyed shooting cute Fukune san in a very close distance.

Guests are having serious look. Yes, this is a very rare opportunity that guests can take as many pictures as they would like. We had non-stop sounds of shatters of a camera for a while!

This time, most of the guests are very good at shooting. Look at their cameras!

Playing Games with Maiko

Time to play ozashiki games with maiko! Hm, no one wanted to go first. . . was everyone so shy? n. After the first player finished the game, it was passed down from the next one to another!


The song of Konpira Fune Fune is very unique for foreigners, so guests might have felt it was wired, but after maiko and our English guide sang it several times, they seemed having a very pleasant time in the end!

The guest from Australia looked he fully enjoyed playing the game with maiko even though he chugged a cup of alcohol as a loser.

When losers have a cup of alcohol, maiko sing an original short song. Maiko says “Brother (sister) is so strong,” after the song. I personally like it! So cute.

Maiko’s Dance Performance

The place of the stage has changed since this time. Last week, maiko san danced near the stairs, but this time Fukuno san danced in front of the window. This change made us take better pictures than the last time!


I hope that guests also like the floor plan. Restaurant staff at Yasaka-dori Enraku agreed with it!

Voices of Guests

When we say good-byes to guests, they leave kind comments about the tour. We’re happy that they enjoyed a lot and learned new things.

“Maiko-san is so beautiful. Even I’m a woman, I feel nervous about seeing her as a guy.”

Guests from France and Japan


– Yeah, I have the exact same feeling with them.


“I want more pictures of maiko. Please sent us afterward. She is so beautiful!”

Couple from Australia

– We sent all pictures taken during the night next day!

I’ve seen that guests had a good conversation with other groups of guests and they took group pictures at the end of the tour. The room isn’t that big, but I think that it’s one of our advantages. You’ll see maiko right in front of you. Also, you can exchange useful travel information between guests during the dinner as guests’ tables are placed near to the next.

See you next week!