1. Unforgettable time with Maiko (June 6, 2017)

Unforgettable time with Maiko (June 6, 2017)


It is already the second week in June. Leaves are turning to the beautifully fresh green color around Enraku.

How was the main tour of Enchanted Time with Maiko today? Let’s have a look.



Today’s Maiko Fukuno, who has performed at our tour the most time certainly made a special time for guests.

Fukuno greeted us in a relaxed mood and soon brought us to back in time. 

You may notice once you are in Japan that it’s not very easy to find this kind of places which preserve Japanese tradition in such good condition. The restaurant Enraku is now more than 100 years old. 

Maiko’s style

If you focus on Maiko’s kimono and kanzashi, hair accessories, you see their designs are always related to the seasonal colors, flowers and so on. Today we found beautifully designed kanzashi of the willow trees. 

The flowers of azalea, peony and morning glory were drawn on her obi, a broad sash tied in a large flatbow at the back. Kimino and obi had a beautiful contrast between the green-yellow and the light purple. Different patterns and colors in Kimono were perfectly in harmony.

Good point about having a small group at one time is you get a chance to see Maiko even closer to you. One of the guests who joined the tour for the first time seemed to be very happy and delighted when Maiko appeared to our room. As soon as Maiko started the performance, it felt like we were away from the reality for a while. 

Among the guests was a couple who are going to marry this Saturday in Korea. It is the fourth year that a Korean woman had been together with an American man. His parents and siblings came to Kyoto for the Wedding ceremony.

Also, they were come to our tour to make a special memory for the family. Mother has been visited to many famous places in Kyoto, but she told us today is the most memorable special day. We are very grateful for that.

Games with Maiko!

Most of the guests are embarrassed when they start the game. Especially The game of ’Konpira Fune Fune’ rhythm of the game is not easy to win as to see. Guests are initially embarrassed, but they can challenge because we start the game after one or two times practice.

A guest who was shocked to lose to the game so early. She from Korea came to our tour with a Japanese friend, but we were impressed because she is perfect in English and Chinese. She was the last day of the trip but she said this Maiko tour it’s making unique memories of her life.

Toradora is really easy to game. Just you need to understand three characters. It’s a chance to win a Maiko and get a gift!

Fortunately, it is also an opportunity to listen to Maiko’s cute song if you lost the game. When the guest is drinking, Maiko also singing a funny song to the guest, which was always two or three kinds of song, but Fukuno sang for us more than six songs so that we appreciated to her. The time was over for only about two hours of dreams. We are trying to make the customers feel the satisfaction of the maximum because it is a time which may be once in a lifetime for the guests.

After finish the tour, it’s so sad to say “goodbye” to guests.

The groom’s mother is giving a handshake of gratitude to Ikeno Sang, who was the guide. She praised about Ikeno’s excellent translations. Also, she thrilled to be able to meet Maiko directly and feel Japanese tradition through this tour.

Thanks to cute and charming Maiko ‘Fukuno’ san. today’s guests were also very satisfied. Who will we meet in next week?