1. Mesmerizing time with Maiko(June 13, 2017)

Mesmerizing time with Maiko(June 13, 2017)


What is your image of Maiko?

Even for Japanese, it’s rare to invite Maiko to dinner without the introduction by regular customers. The cost is high, so it also makes the occasion far away from commoners. When you see Maiko at a street around tourist sites in Kyoto at the daytime, almost all of them are not Maiko, they’re tourists. It’s difficult for tourists to distinguish between genuine Maiko and tourists dressing like Maiko.

In Kyoto, we do not call them Geisha. They’re called Maiko and Geiko in Kyoto. The name Geisha is for geisha in Tokyo or other cities in Japan.

Beginning of Maiko Tour

After the short slideshow explaining about Maiko, the Maiko of the evening Fukuya came into the room. She changes the atmosphere in a moment. She started to perform a traditional dance with elegant music.

Our MC, Ms. Fujimoto, explained us about Maiko with details.

Fukuya is wearing hair accessories of willows, the plant of July. Her kimono also show the seasonality; it has patterns of bellflowers. Bellflowers also are in bloom in July. Maiko represents the season with her hair accessories and kimono. She looks sophisticated in white and light blue kimono.

Conversation Time with Maiko

Fukuya has a bright personality, so we didn’t feel that we met her for the first time in the evening. She is also attentive to everyone in a subtle way. When the guest drinks a whole glass of sake, she notices it quickly and asks him what he needs.

They’re exchange students from the U.S. and the Netherlands and study in Kyoto. It was their first time to see a real Maiko, so they got excited to talk with her in person. They were fans of Ghibli and Fukuya also likes some movies of Ghibli. The moment of international cultural exchange!

Also, another guest from the U.S. is a student of art school in Kyoto. She showed her drawings to Fukuya and Fukuya was very surprised at the quality art. They’re like friends.

After the conversation time, she performed a dance with another song. When she was speaking at each table, we could feel her charm. On the other hand, when she starts dancing, she has a serious look. The stage is a little bit small, but we could feel the traditional culture in a short distance.

Can’t Stop Laughing!

The song of Konpira Fune Fune is cute, but it’s quite difficult to win the game with the song against Maiko. Konpira Fune Fune is a rhythmic game we can firstly play with Maiko. When we see an example of the game, it looks easy, but when you play it, you’ll feel betrayed. Although it’s very hard to win, it’s worth to play it, so much fun.

Especially the guest tries to win against Maiko fourth times, but he couldn’t, so we gave him a special sticker as a prize!

The second game is Tora Tora. The rule of the game is similar to the rock-paper-scissors game. The win depends on your good luck, so wish your good luck to win a prize! The distance between each table is very close, so all the guests became friends at the end of the show.

Gift After Dinner

We provide guests, who posted a picture of Maiko on Instagram, with a chance to win a prize, a Japanese-style coaster. Fukuya’s signature is on the coaster!

Some guests told us that they fully enjoyed the night with us and they promised us to come back again! We appreciate the positive comments and the comments let us know that we are on the right track.