1. Talk with a real Maiko (June 20, 2017)

Talk with a real Maiko (June 20, 2017)






When I travel somewhere, I walk a lot, more than daily life.


A place people can take off shoes and get some rest is something unique for people from the western culture. Sitting in an ozashiki dinning room might be a new cultural experience for some tourists.

(A small chair, used while sitting on tatami, is available for people with a backache.)







As ususal, we welcomed the guests from all over the world including the Netherlands, China, France, U.S.A. and Macedonia this time.





|Attractiveness of Maiko




The maiko of the evening is Fukutomo. She is 19 years old and it’s the fourth year of her maiko career.

Big eyes on a small face. She looks impassive at the beginning of the tour, but we could understand that she is humous as time passed.









Some guests wondered why maiko has two lines on the backside of her neck while the MC explaining about maiko’s kimono and items.

The reason why she has the two lines is that the lines emphasize the length of her neck. Having a long neck is considered as a element of beautiful ladies in Japan. How do you think? It looks beautiful from foreigners as well?


Maiko style their hair with their own hair. As the hair style is complicated, they keep the hair for a week. It means that they don’t wash their hair everyday, only once a week. During summer, it must be so hard.








Before the maiko appeared in front of the guests, the short slideshow was played.

Everyone looked nervous when they see a maiko for the first time because they’re so beautiful. If you want to see her beautifu movements, please check our Youtube channel for some videos.









|Encounter with Maiko Finally





One of our guests brought a present for Fukutomo. Since she is from the Netherlands, so she gave her some snacks of her country.









Other guests from China cannot speak English and Japanese, but other Chinese guest helped them to have a conversation with maiko.


The guests asked Fukutomo about lessons that she takes. She learns how to dance, to play Japanese instruments, to sing at school only for maiko and geiko. Fukutomo didn’t like studying when she was in junior high school, but she loves Japanese culture. She thinks that becoming a maiko is a best job for her.

She also mentioned that there are male geisha in Tokyo and guests got surprised at that.









|Games Begin!



Maiko are very good at playing Kompira Fune Fune because they play it almost everyday. However, one of the guests of the evening won the gave against Fukutomo! Look how excited she is!










The guest from Macedonia has been traveling around Japan for three months.

He tries to win the game, but he lost it, so he drank beer as a penalty.











There is a practice before playing the game with her, so if it’ll be your first time to play it, you don’t have to worry about it!


All the guests got very excited about the first game and also the second one! At the beginning of Tora Tora, the player dances with a maiko. It’s a lot of fun.










There are many guests who want to play it, so the battle is guest vs. guest. The two guests were from different groups, but they became friends after the game.









Usually, a maiko performs two kinds of traditional dance on the tour, but two of guests missed both of the dance, so Fukutomo kindly performed the third dance.









The guest from the Netherlands has joined the tour twice!

She studies art in Kyoto. She visited here with her friends last week and she really liked it, so she brought other friends this time. We’re grateful for her!









One of the best things of the tour is that a guest is able to take pictures as many as he wants. Maiko change their pose as your wish.


Usually guests have pictures taken with maiko, but this time guests also wanted to take single pictures of Fukukana, a lot!








Some guests have a theme when they have a picture with maiko. He wanted to have something unique, so asked maiko to pose like she’s greeting with him. Fukutomo seemed she enjoyed it.








How make your picture unique with maiko?