1. Maiko Dinner Show (July 4, 2017)

Maiko Dinner Show (July 4, 2017)





What is the representative images of Kyoto?

Historical architecture, foods, or traditional cultures? Among many, the presence of maiko with white makeup and beautiful kimono must be one of them.

The special presence of maiko is a reason why we see lots of photographers at a street in Gion.

However, it’s very hard to see a real maiko at dinner time without a regular customer’s introduction.





Japanese restaurant Enraku






The beginning of July. The rainy season is gradually leaving from Kyoto.






When it’s raining, the garden at Yasaka-dori Enraku looks more attractive.







Tables are set before welcoming guests. We usually hold a dinner show on the second floor, but this main tour was held on the first floor. The room has the different atmosphere with one we feel on the usual room. Our guests will enjoy two hours sitting for two hours in this room.








Guests decide beverages right after they arrive. After each of their drinks comes, the course meal begins. They enjoy one dish after another. The beverage service is all-you-can-drink, so they have as much as they want to try out.





|Geisha, Geiko and Maiko??







Maiko become Geiko after 5 years of training.

After girls graduate from junior high school, they leave their home and start to live in okiya, maiko’s house. Before becoming maiko, they learn a lot of things like manners, etiquettes, dancing and more. If they are not passionate enough, it’s very difficult to finish the training term.







She is Fukune, a Maiko from Miyagawa-cho

She’s come to our tours several times. She is very charming, so our guests are impressive how she is careful and respectful to others.

She is only 17 years old, but when we see her sitting quietly, she doesn’t seem that young. She learned many things from senior maiko and geiko for two years, so we could feel her sophisticated behaviors.







Our MC Ms. Ikeno was introducing maiko to everyone. She carefully described each of Fukuno’s ornaments and kimono. If guests have any further questions, they can of course ask anytime at the event.





|Maiko Dance








Every her movement with a song is breathtaking. Everyone kept their eyes on her movements while she was dancing.





Maiko send massages from their dance performances. Every movement has a meaning.






She greets before and after her performance to show her respect to customers.





|Conversation with maiko








After the performance, the conversation time finally began. While talking with Fukuno, we could see her smiling. How lovely!








Everyone gets nervous before they start speaking to maiko. However, they are able to calm down after they see her innocence. She is just seventeen. Maiko usually have 2 days off. Fukuno likes watching a movie and going shopping on her day off.







It’s her second year being a maiko. The second year maiko are still considered as juniors, so Fukuno wears bright kimono and big kanzashi, hair accessories. Maiko change their kimono and kanzashi according to their careers.








The family groups came to the tour from China. Children get very excited about the easy, but difficult game, Konpira Fune Fune, against maiko.

He tried to defeat her twice, but he could win. Fukuno is very good at playing the game.








During the next game, Tora Tora, another boy made us laugh by his funny dance.





|Selfie with Fukuno







Taking a selfie photo is something that young ladies cannot miss!








She has been interested in maiko culture for years. She was looking for fun clips about maiko, then she found the videos on our YouTube channel. She posted a photo on her Instagram account, so as a prize we gave her a Japanese counter with maiko’s autograph!


She’s traveling all the way from the U.S. for a month. We hope that she makes as many memories as she can!