1. Experience Kyoto with Maiko (July 11, 2017)

Experience Kyoto with Maiko (July 11, 2017)

Many people around Japan visit Kyoto in July. Not only Japanese, people come from overseas.  Do you know why?

Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsuri is annually held for the entire month of July in Downtown Kyoto. There are several different events happening around Yasaka Shrine during the festival. We can also enjoy Japanese-style stand foods. Gion Matsuri is known as one of the three biggest summer festivals in Japan.

Maiko’s Hair Accessories

Maiko Fukuna was wearing beautiful hair accessories as usual.

This special type of hair accessories is worn in the middle of Gion Matsuri. It has more fine decorations than usual ones.

Tiny butterflies and flowers are in the group of silver flowers. Each of decorations is carefully made by a skillful craftsman.

Maiko Dance Performance

Now it’s time to enjoy Maiko dance performance. There is a difference between the last tour and this tour. Can you tell what it is? Tables are usually separated by a group of guests, but this time they’re connected for guests to have conversations with other groups of guests.

A relaxing, yet an exciting time when guests can feel the real Japanese art and culture.

Have a talk with Maiko

“What should I talk with Maiko?” Many guests think right before starting a conversation time with Maiko. Maiko is well-trained speakers, so guests don’t have to worry about it. Maiko throw the best topics for each guest, so the time when you have a conversation with Maiko will become one of the most memorable moments of your Kyoto trip. Did you know that all Maiko speak in Kyoto dialect? In Japan, the dialect is known as an attractive and unique language, so try to find a difference!

The couple from Melbourne came to our tour to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Among several activities in the evening, they especially enjoy watching Fukuna’s dance performances. They said that they hope Fukuna will visit Australia someday.

Another couple from Saudi Arabia asked us to avoid raw foods and pork in advance. We’re happy to prepare foods according to guests’ dietary restrictions and allergies.

They asked Fukuna why she became Maiko and whether her parents disagreed with becoming Maiko or not.


Maiko Interactive Game

Playing ozashiki games is a fun time when guests can get closed to Maiko. If guests lose a game, they have to drink a glass of beer or tea. Maiko will sing a pretty song while drinking it.

Give it a try, you can get a small present if you win against Maiko!

Tora Tora

After dancing with Maiko, players choose one character from tiger, samurai and old lady. This game is very simple, but a lot of fun! Because of the wall between two players, they cannot identify the opponent’s character until Maiko say “Dozo!” or come out! Well, who wins?

The guest chose a tiger and Maiko chose an old lady, so the guest won against Maiko! 

She got a prize and very excited!

It’s the special trip for the couple for celebrating their wedding anniversary, so we prepare a present for them!

The card with Fukuna’s message and a photo of them. They liked the present and left us a warm message that it was the most wonderful day of the Kyoto trip.

We’re happy to celebrate on guests’ special event here in Yasaka-dori Enraku! Why don’t you celebrate on your special days with us?