1. Let’s make a memory of Kyoto with Maiko (August, 2017)

Let’s make a memory of Kyoto with Maiko (August, 2017)


July has gone by, and Gion festival, one of the three biggest festivals in Japan has finished. Despite the hot weather, there are many festivals held in different places, so there are still many visitors in Kyoto.

Maiko tour is held from 18:00 to 20:00 for 2 hours. When you go inside the restaurant “Enraku”, the staff will check the reservation list and will take you to the room. After you sit down in your seat you can order drinks and alcohol, and during the tour, it is all you can drink.

On the 3rd of August, at 18:00 the midsummer garden of Enraku changed to an even more refreshing atmosphere.

Today’s maiko is Fukuno-san from Miyagawacho

As soon as she entered the room, she attracted everyone’s attention. One of the guests on that day, a Japanese guest was so impressed with being able to meet a maiko. The mystery of maiko is no different for Japanese guests to foreign guests. Even if you meet a maiko on the street by chance, it is very difficult to take a photo, so the guests take many photos during the conversation with maiko.

A father from the Philippines who is living in Kyoto invited his family. From children to grandparents, the big family enjoyed the cultural experience on their first visit to Kyoto.


Fukune-san, who came for the tour on the 15th August.

Her navy kimono and everything she is wearing is a collection of Japanese traditional art. The guide explains the kimono, obi (kimono belt), kanzashi (ornamental hairpin) and the hair decoration so it is easy to understand even if you don’t have the knowledge.

Some guests say they don’t know what to talk about, what to ask during the conversation with maiko. However, Maiko has great conversation skills so not only will they answer any question politely, but they will be able to lead the conversation and time will quickly pass by. Fukune-san, asked about uchiwa (fan) and explaining.

Even during conversations, taking photos is necessary!

The boy who came with his parents from Italy was first shy seeing the maiko, but eventually, at the game time, he actively participated to get the prize. Guests couldn’t stop smiling at his cute dancing moves.

Final photo taking time. Of course, you can take it however you like!

On the 17th of August, a family from Taiwan enjoying taking selfies with Fukukana-san during the conversation time.

On the other hand, the woman of the couple who came to Japan because they like Japanese traditional culture was wearing a yukata. Guests who had a strong interest in Japanese culture asked many questions to maiko.


On the 22nd, the tour was with Fukuna-san. After her appearance, everyone was watching her breathtaking dance.


During the conversation, a guest asked maiko what is the most difficult thing being a maiko.

Fukuna-san answered that keeping the hairstyle for one week is the most difficult. She explained that if you keep a name card of maiko in your purse, you will be able to save up your money while she was giving hers.


The explanation of the following games!


Konpira-fune and Tora-tora are both games that everyone can enjoy, and if you win you can get a little prize!

From August, maiko tour is held twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday!The best time for us is when the guest says that the best memory during their trip to Japan was this maiko tour