1. Last days of Autumn, 341 days with Maiko (December 7, 2017)

Last days of Autumn, 341 days with Maiko (December 7, 2017)

It’s getting cold and we can hear the sound of feet on autumn leaves, but Kyoto visitors still can see the fascinating autumn colors.

Today’s guests

Today we had guests from Wales, Australia, China and South Arabia.
Three Australian girls were always together at high school but went to different universities and this travel to Japan was a great opportunity to spend time together again. They seemed like they were really enjoying that.
One of them is studying Japanese at her home university, in Melbourne, and found a great way to practice and brush up her skills here in Japan.

Two guys from Wales took advantage of winter vacations to discover Japan. They travel plans included Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, and Hokkaido. The Chinese girl quit her job, leave all your worries behind and come spend some time in Japan before looking for a job again in her country. Since all of them were sitting at the same table, their conversation flowed light and natural for more than an hour.

On the table beside them, we had a lovely couple from South Arabia who pick Kyoto as their honeymoon destination. Happy wedding!

Nice to meet you, Fukuna-san

She is only 18 years old and came to Kyoto to become a geisha when she turned 15. She said goodbye to her parents and friends, and start a new life learning such things as put on her makeup and kimono, how to talk properly with guests in Kyoto dialect, how to hear notes and play shamisen (a three-stringed instrument that is strummed with a large pick) and tea ceremony. All these trainings take almost 5 years. She is still a maiko (apprentice geisha), but within 2 years she will finally become a geisha. Besides these, she is also good at drawing. Look the cute souvenirs she made especially for our guests.


In the evening our guests can appreciate not only maiko(geisha) dance performance but also chat with her, ask anything they want to know about her world and Japan, have fun with traditional games and taste authentic dinner course of Japanese cuisine at a long-established restaurant in the heart of Kyoto.

Why don’t you try games with Maiko (Geisha)?

The games aren’t difficult, but they’re accompanied by a song and the loser is required to down a cup of beer or tea. On the other hand, the winner takes an Instax photo with maiko-san and can remember this night forever.

Don’t miss a chance to have dinner with Maiko(Geisha)!


Although this is a very traditional Japanese event, we have English menus, Wi-Fi and an interpreter who also explain more about maiko’s world, such as her outfit, hair ornaments, and other accessories. So, you don’t need to worry about your Japanese language level to enjoy the show. At last but not least, we always consider food restrictions or allergies of our guests and prepare a special menu for them. Don’t hesitate to ask for a special menu and give us a try!