1. Introducing the voice of previous guests

Introducing the voice of previous guests

Happy new year!!


This time, I would like to introduce the real voice of our precious customers who participated in our event “Enchanted Time with Maiko”.

The guest from Brest, France 




It was one of the best evenings we had in a long time, Fukune (Maiko) is really nice and gifted. The whole restaurant’s team was amazing, always here if we needed something. The food and drink were amazing as well, very traditional and tasty.
We had a really great time with fun games and watching Fukuse dancing.
In one word: perfect!



The guest from the UK 


The entire evening was delightful. As well as the very poised and talented Maiko, there were several other members of staff working there to ensure our evening was interesting and enjoyable. When visiting Japan for a short time like I did, this really offers an excellent insight into some Japanese traditions, including dining and maiko/geiko/geisha entertainment. I have previously lived in Japan and still learned a lot. Thoroughly enjoyable.

The guest from Melbourne, Australia



Excellent menu of tasty Kyoto specialties, with lovely staff who speak fluent English. A lot of thought has been put into making it an enjoyable evening, with games and prizes and warm conversation. And of course, there was the beautiful and sweet maiko who performed for us and spoke with each of us. This is definitely aimed at tourists, but it is truly a great experience unique to Japan. Highly deserving of 5 stars.




The guest from San Francisco, USA





Our evening provided us a wonderful insight into traditional Japanese culture. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet, converse and play games with a maiko. As the name suggests, it truly is an enchanted time.
The food was quite good (although I wish we had received a written menu because we weren’t sure what some of the dishes were), and the staff was interesting and charming as well.
This was truly a highlight of our visit to Kyoto!


The Guest from the UK



We did not fully know what to expect when we went to the “Enchanted night with Maiko-san”. Maiko-san was wonderful company and explained to us many aspects of Geisha culture. The food was also great and nothing I had ever tried before! We also played some games and even won and received a little gift! I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to spend a nice evening learning more about Japanese culture.


The Guest from Atlanta, the USA


I have to say my wife and I had the most amazing experience. Meeting our Maiko was such a pleasure and the service and food was exceptional. My wife and I highly highly recommend you making a resevation here if you are taking a trip to Kyoto. Truly memorable!!! Thank you for the best service and experience ever!


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