1. The Beginning of 2018!(January 9th, 2018)

The Beginning of 2018!(January 9th, 2018)


A Happy New Year!
ETM in 2018 has opened today, we wish you would have a wonderful year.

Today’s Geisha

Fukuna san, today’s Geisha, is from Miyagawacho (one of Kyoto’s Gakagai Geisha areas) and she often visits our “Enchanted Time with Maiko” event to entertain the guests.


Today’s guests

We are pleased to welcome four guests from Canada, Argentina and the UAE. Surprisingly, we found that the guests from Canada and Argentina came to Kyoto from Osaka just to participate in our event, and the guest from the UAE selected the event because it represents Japanese culture along with dinner. All the guests fully enjoyed their time chatting with Geisha, about Geisha and Japanese culture – such as the daily life of a Geisha, specific traditions and habits of the Geisha and much more. To have such quality time with our guests, enabled even the staff to be able to learn and discover more things. 

All the guests had a great time watching the traditional dance and also playing Ozashiki games with Geisha as well.

We gratefully received a testimonial regarding the event from the Argentinian guest.

Are you interested in Geisha experience event “Enchanted time with Maiko” ?

The Geisha experience at “Enchanted time with Maiko”, you can enjoy not only having a beautiful Japanese dinner but also watching Geisha traditional dance and participating in playing Ozashiki games with Geisha.

Why don’t you think to join such a rare and great experience?