1. Holding Maiko Dinner show with Snowing Weather (January 11th, 2018)

Holding Maiko Dinner show with Snowing Weather (January 11th, 2018)


It has been snowing in Kyoto, but the cold weather has not stopped “Enchanted time with Maiko” welcoming our guests.

Today’s Geisha

Fukukana-san, today’s Geisha, is from Miyagawacho (one of Kyoto’s Gokagai Geisha areas).Today, we would like to take an opportunity to introduce some of the Geisha’s New Year accessories, as Geisha wear special accessories for the festive season from the 1st to 15th January.

Let’s take a look at this picture of a kanzashi.
A real rice stalk has been attached as if bowing, which is significant as we show humility for the coming year.

Also attached is a small dog. Japanese tradition, like the Chinese tradition, celebrates each year with an animal, and use symbols which are called “Eto”. 2018 is the year of the Dog year, hence the use of a small dog attached to the Kanzashi.

Guests for today

Today we are pleased to welcome a British couple who reside in Saudi Arabia. The couple has been traveling to 12 countries since last year, and are planning to stay in Japan for 2 weeks. They have already been skiing in Hokkaido and stopping off in Tokyo, Hiroshima, and Kyoto. The reason why the couple is joining our event is that the sister of husband joined “Enchanted time with Maiko” 10 years ago, and she recommended that they do the same to fully appreciate Japanese culture.

A fun game – guest vs Geisha

All of our guests could enjoy a traditional game called “Konpira fune fune” with the Geisha. It is a very popular game amongst the guests, so it is always played at the “Enchanted time with Maiko” dinner show. The rules of the game are very simple, and you’ll get a full explanation, so everyone is able to play and have great fun – as you can see in the video that follows.

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The Geisha experience at “Enchanted time with Maiko”, you can enjoy not only having a beautiful Japanese dinner but also watching Geisha traditional dance and participating in playing Ozashiki games with Geisha.

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