1. Why not spend some precious time with a Geisha?(January 16th 2018)

Why not spend some precious time with a Geisha?(January 16th 2018)


Despite the cold weather here in Kyoto, we are very pleased to welcome many guests today. Thank you very much!

Today’s Geisha

Fukuya-san, today’s Geisha, often visits Enchanted Time with Maiko. Her performance is so elegant, yet so powerful, and she always attracts the attention of the guests every time she performs. Satisfied guests enjoy spending time with Fukuya-san, playing Ozashiki games and conversing.

Fukuya-san is currently planning to visit New York on a business trip, so you can see she is very active internationally, so not just in Kyoto.

Guests for today

We had four group of the guests from abroad –  England, China, New Caledonia and America. One of the guests has been very interested in Geisha, so made the dream come true by meeting a Geisha through our tour here at Enchanted Time with Maiko, and fully enjoyed the opportunity.

All the guests spent some precious time with a Geisha, playing Ozashiki games, chatting about various subjects and taking pictures.

If you lose in the Ozashiki game, the penalty is called “Bappai” – which is drinking sake. If you win, you get a gift! There were many matches that were very close.


There were so many questions from our guests, as all of them are very curious about a Geisha’s daily life. For example, how she spent the New Year? Whether Geisha miss family and friends? They all were happy to receive the Geisha’s answer.

We believe that all the guests thoroughly enjoyed the tour, and were very happy to take memorable pictures with the Geisha.

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