1. Enjoyed Maiko dinner show even on coldest day in last 20 years here(January 25th, 2018)

Enjoyed Maiko dinner show even on coldest day in last 20 years here(January 25th, 2018)

Hello everyone. Hope you are all well?
It is said that today is the coldest day in the last 20 years here in Kyoto and we have lots of snow – even in Tokyo, where snow rarely settles.
It is a surprise to see the puddles on Kyoto’s streets all frozen!

Today’s Maiko

On such a cold day, we are visited, for the third time this year by Fukuya-san.
She is so elegant and friendly – clearly everyone is excited and enjoying chatting with her.

Maiko’s Obi

Let’s focus on her beautiful “Obi” today. How long do you think her Obi is?
The answer is about 7 meters. It is a very special Obi when comparing it to a normal Obi, whose length is usually 2.5 meters.
Obi, can be the most expensive item that a Geisha puts on.

Guest for today

Today we are pleased to welcome 3 guests from Australia.
The guests have decided to join the Enchanted Time with Maiko tour because they were all seeking somewhere special to go to experience more Japanese culture.
The guests love skiing, and they think that the quality of Japanese snow is the best. They are also planning to visit the Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto and Sumiyoshi Taisha shrine in Osaka.
As a native Japanese, it is always a pleasure to hear that shrines are very popular for foreign people.

Trying game with Maiko

Today, Ozashiki games are proving very enjoyable.
One of the guests won both “Konpira fune fune” and “Tora Tora” against Geisha – fantastic!
It could be the first time that someone won both games.
You also get a picture of you and a Geisha when you win a game, so we strongly recommend that you join the games when you visit us.


The tour always finishes with the Geisha performing a beautiful dance.
We always appreciate and respect the Geisha by watching her very professional and elegant performance, as we know that the performance can only be done through her hard work and daily practice.

Are you interested in Geisha experience event “Enchanted time with Maiko”?

The Geisha experience at “Enchanted time with Maiko”, you can enjoy not only having a beautiful Japanese dinner but also watching Geisha traditional dance and participating in playing Ozashiki games with Geisha. Why don’t you think to join such a rare and great experience?