1. Hope Guest will Make Precious Memory During This Trip (Junuary 31st, 2018)

Hope Guest will Make Precious Memory During This Trip (Junuary 31st, 2018)

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well.
It is now the middle of winter in Kyoto, and we have recently had some snow days. But despite the cold weather, Enchanted Time with Maiko tour has been continuing, so let’s take a look at what was happening today.

Today’s Geisha

Fukuna-san, today’s Geisha, has been here at Enchanted Time with Maiko several times during last year and has already started visiting us this year. Her performances have been wonderful, and there is no doubt that all the guests fully enjoy her performance.

Today’s guest

We are very pleased to welcome our guests all the way from New Zealand. New Zealand is in Southern Hemisphere so it is already summer there, there is a big difference to the temperature in Japan – we just hope the guests are able to manage the difference and stay well whilst they are here in Japan.

The guests from New Zealand are a couple – the woman has already been to Japan, as she came 4 months ago to study Japanese – but it is the first time for her boyfriend and apparently, he has discovered a fondness for Japan, especially Kyoto, where he feels a real sense of Japan.

As you can see from the picture, the couple joined the tour in Kimono. It is the first time for both of them to wear Kimono, though it seems that it is not easy for them to move around easily. We know that it could be hard work wearing Kimono all day, but it is a fantastic experience, especially when you are in Kyoto – it is really worth trying it.

The couple has already stayed in Tokyo prior to traveling down to Kyoto, and enjoyed “Mario Kart” in Tokyo, which is an activity to drive as Mario – you can try it if you have an international driving license. A great activity for foreign tourists who like Japan.
Their next plan is to go to Arima onsen (a hot spring).
We wish the couple well whilst they continue to enjoy Japan, and that they have a safe trip back to New Zealand.

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