1. First dinner show in February 2018(February 6th, 2018)

First dinner show in February 2018(February 6th, 2018)

Hello, it’s February and Kyoto is still having very cold days.
Recently, we’ve had guests from Southern China and Taiwan – where it seems to be colder there than it is here!
So, thank you very much for visiting our event in such cold weather.

Today’s Geisha

Fukuno-san is today’s Geisha, and she made her first visit this year.
Everyone is so pleased to see her and to see her smile is so rewarding.

Hair Ornament of February – Japanese plum.

Do you know what the month of February means? It means it is the time for Japanese plum to bloom.
Japanese plum has always been very popular and loved by Japanese people since ancient times – in the same way, Sakura (cherry blossoms) is in Spring.

So wearing seasonable hair ornaments for the Geisha is a way of expressing a particular season. Isn’t it a pleasure to look at a different hair ornament for each season?

The ‘Hair Ornament of January’ was a rice stalk – “showing humility for the coming year as if a rice stalk is actually bowing”.


Guests for today


We are very pleased to welcome four guests from China today. The guests are especially excited and are also enjoying playing games, and surprisingly, one of the women won twice in a row. It is very difficult to beat a Geisha, so well done – it is really quite rare.

Dance performance for today


Geisha perform a traditional dance twice during the event, once at the beginning and once at the end of the “Enchanted Time with Maiko” show.
The guests for today are absolutely delighted to watch the performance, and they took many pictures, so we are very pleased.

Photo shooting

The last minutes of the show are for taking pictures with the Geisha.
We have received comments from some of our guests to say that they were very happy to take pictures with the Geisha, as it is such a rare opportunity.
It is, of course, our pleasure that all our guests have a rare and special experience with us, and it makes a great memory for them of their Kyoto trip.

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