1. Spring also comes to the Plum Tree (February 13th, 2018 Tuesday)

Spring also comes to the Plum Tree (February 13th, 2018 Tuesday)

Today we welcomed a family from South Korea that used to work to Kpop (Korean Pop) Industry. They observed some common points between Kpop idols and Maiko-san. Their genres and world are different but both must learn how to entertain people and practice dances, songs and musical instruments for years. When a Japanese girl become a maiko we say she had her debut. In Kpop they use the same word to tell that a group is ready to begin its carrier. After Kyoto, they are going to Osaka to have fun at Universal Studios.

It’s a boy!


We also had a pleasure to spend a time with two Spanish guests based in Hong Kong. Or better, three guests! They are expecting a baby and this is the last travel of the couple before the baby comes to this world. They found out the baby’s sex a couple days before arriving in Japan and had an original idea. The asked our maiko-san to hold a blue teddy bear to tell the world that a boy is coming! 

“Do you have any recommendations…?”

They are going to Tokyo and asked us some interesting things to do and to see in the capital of Japan and where to find a delicious grilled tuna. Our team suggested some places and hope they like it. During doing travel plans they were looking for a place in Kyoto to have a dinner with a maiko, watched a video of our Argentinian guest telling her experience and came. Muchas gracias!

If you want to see our guest’s comments, please check it out here: https://www.travel-kyoto-maiko.com/tourreport/7439/

Nice to meet you, Fukune-san

Born and raised in Chiba- ken (a prefecture close to Tokyo) this lovely 18 years-old-girl  saw a TV documentary about maiko and geiko and felt in love. She became passionate especially for the beautiful kimono that those girls were wearing. Months ago, “I would like to become a Maiko-san” became the title of a composition she wrote for school about her future dream. She was only 11 years old at that time.   

 From Kyoto with love

3 years passed and she came to Miyagawa-cho (one of 5 geisha districts in Kyoto) with a school trip and finally saw a maiko performing in front of her. From that moment, her heart clearly decided: this is what she wants to do for her entire life. We understand her, Nothing can really describe the perfection and precision of a maiko performance when seeing it in person.



Then, she talked with her parents – that cheered her – and approved she finish the last 3 months of Junior High School in Kyoto. After her graduation, she started a new journey as part of Kawayoshi (河よ志) ochaya (ochaya means geiko and maiko’s house, in Japanese). Located in the same Miyagaya-cho that inspired her, she is now part of its 86 years old ochaya with other 3 maiko-san that became her sisters.  


It’s time to warm our heart

Do you know what the month of February means to Japanese people? It’s when the first bottoms of plum flowers open. It is an important message for all of us that snow starts melting and spring is around the corner. At the same time brings something new that makes us start our new life in a better way. To transmit this feeling, Fukune-san carries a picturesque plum arrangement in her hair. Besides this, she picked up a special song to performance her second dance of the night entitled “Ume ni mo haru” (Spring also comes the Plum Tree). Since this song is limited to the late winter/early spring it was the very first time we saw a maiko-san performing this dance. All of us felt our heart warmed a little more. Such a lovely and enchanted time! Looking forward to sharing more memories with our next guests.

Shall we dance?

In the evening our guests can appreciate not only maiko dance performance but also chat with her, ask anything they want to know about her world and Japan, have fun with traditional games and taste authentic dinner course of Japanese cuisine at a long-established restaurant in the heart of Kyoto. 

We are waiting for you!


Although this is a very traditional Japanese event we have English menu, Wi-Fi and an interpreter who also explain more about maiko’s world, such things as her outfit, hair ornaments, and other accessories, so you don’t need to worry about your Japanese language level to enjoy the show. At last but not least, we always consider food restrictions or allergies of our guests and prepare the special menu for them. Don’t hesitate to ask for the special menu and give us a try.

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