1. Do you have boyfriend? (February 15th, 2017 Thursday)

Do you have boyfriend? (February 15th, 2017 Thursday)

This time we welcomed groups from China, South Korea, London, and the USA. Our 10-year-old boy guest from Shanghai was completely enchanted by Fukana-san and asked if she has a boyfriend. Well, you know, once you enter in maiko and geiko’s word is never allowed to date or marry. They dedicate everything they have to guests as if each were a cherished-lover.

Happy Birthday to you!

Talking about stories that warm the heart, this night we had a pleasure of spending two guest’s birthdays. Our guest from Los Angeles chose Enchanted Time With Maiko to celebrate his special day with his wife. Before meeting us they spent some days in Hakone and thanks to the weather saw Mount Fuji all days! So lucky!

The other guest whose birthday is being celebrated is Maria. She came with a long-standing friend Jennifer. They knew each other in their hometown, San Francisco. Maria, based in Los Angeles, has already worked as an English teacher in Japan, years ago. Jennifer continues in San Franciscoby the way, thanks for your tips in San Francisco. We definitely will give a try.     

From TV to real life

Our maiko Fukuna (she received this name from your okami, a word in Japanese that means mother of maiko and geiko) watched a TV documentary about Kyoto and maiko when she was 14. One year later she finished her commitments with Junior High School, packed her bags and left her hometown in Tochigi – a prefecture close to Tokyo, surrounded by mountains, delicious strawberries and hot spring resorts (onsen) in volcanic clusters in Nikko city – to call Kyoto her home. For the near future, Fukuna-san is aiming for geiko (geisha) and want to visit Europe and appreciate beautiful beaches.

From white to pink

Maiko-san decorates their hairstyles with seasonal kanzashi (traditional hair ornaments). This month is time for plum blossom, the quintessential sign of spring to come. If you are coming to Japan between February and March, keep an eye out for these lovely flowers. Since associated with good fortune, the trees are thought to ward off evil, so it’s easy to find them planted around shrines and temples. Every year on February 25th, Kitano Tenmangu (a shrine in northwest Kyoto) hosts a special tea ceremony attended by maiko and geiko from Kamishichiken, the geisha district of this shrine. It’s called Baisaikai (Plum Blossom Festival). We strongly recommend it!

Our mission

Although this is a very traditional event that only can be found in Kyoto, we have English menu, Wi-Fi, and multilingual interpreters. So, you don’t need to worry about your Japanese language level to enjoy the tour. Don’t be shy and give a try to the traditional games that both kids and adults can enjoy. We always do our efforts to arrange a dreamlike night for our guests and always think first how to serve our guests. If you have food restrictions or allergies or any other questions please do not hesitate to let us know, anytime.

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