1. Welcome, spring! (27th March, 2018 Tuesday)

Welcome, spring! (27th March, 2018 Tuesday)


Every part of Japan from now is going to be a whole lot of cherry blossoms, tourists, and local people in beautiful kimono and warm weather. Our gardens cherry blossom is starting to bloom and we are ready for the flower blooms, geisha blooms and everything that spring will bring our way. Tonight, we pleased to welcome guests from Brazil, United States, England, and Arab Emirates.


Tonight’s geisha  


Kikusana-chan is an original Kyoto daughter of a okami-san (owner of geisha’s tea houses). In her childhood she was into karate, but born and raised inside a geisha’s house inclined her to become a geisha. Kikusana-chan and other geishas in Kyoto has only two days off per month. In those rare days, she uses to go to Takarazuka, a city located in Hyogo Prefecture, to watch city’s same name all-female musical show.


Then, you would have to be very lucky to meet her by chance or just book a tour with us, then you will be able to see Kikusana-chan in her superb kimono and make-up floating in front of you.


Nice to meet you!


When you meet a geisha, she gives to you a beautiful and colorful senjafuda, a business card shaped in a tiny rectangle bearing each geisha’s name and districts. They are handed to guests who can also peel away one side and use them as stickers. It is said that will bring you good luck if you stick on your wallet.


Pictoresque hair


Tonight, she is in her beautiful March hair arrangement with Nanohana flower (rape blossoms), a symbol of wealth, high honor, love and happy marriage. The flying butterflies bring guidance and are a sign of hope, a hope of spring. Her hairstyle takes hours of waxing, teasing, and construction and rarely designed to last many days. She only washes her hair once per week and needs to sleep in a 15 cm pillow which is a wooden box with cotton insulated cloth on top.



The best of two worlds!


After dance performance and conversation with geisha is time to have more fun playing Tora Tora! Similar to rock-paper-scissors game, instead of these well-known three choices we play tiger (tora), old lady or warrior (samurai). The game isn’t difficult, but it’s accompanied by a song and the loser is required to down a cup of beer or tea. On the other hand, the winner takes an Instax photo with geisha and can remember this night forever.



Our team register all the moments and send the photos by email on the next day, but you are free to take as much photos and videos as you can.


Give us a try!

Although this is a very traditional Japanese event we have English menu, Wi-Fi and an interpreter who also explain more about maiko’s world, such things as her outfit, hair ornaments, and other accessories, so you don’t need to worry about your Japanese language level to enjoy the show. At last but not least, we always consider food restrictions or allergies of our guests and prepare the special menu for them, including vegetarian menu. Don’t hesitate to ask for the special menu and give us a try.