1. A Special Time in Japan (17th May, 2018 Thursday)

A Special Time in Japan (17th May, 2018 Thursday)

Hello everyone. How are you doing? Here in Japan, we are enjoying a comfortable climate that is not too cold or hot, great for sightseeing. Let’s take a look at the maiko who came to visit us in Kyoto during this season of young green leaves.

Today’s Maiko

Ms. Fukuna is our Miako for today. She is a maiko loved by everyone, who has both qualities of elegance and loveliness.
A beautiful kimono and a gorgeous kanzashi (hairpin). The kanzashi changes depending on the season. She was wearing a hydrangea kanzashi this day. Hydrangeas are flowers that bloom beautiful, large sky blue and purple flowers from the end of May until early June when it welcomes its full bloom season. Ms. Fukuna’s hair ornament was adorned with a pale, sky blue hydrangea.

Tour Content

During this tour, we first appreciate the maiko’s dancing while eating a meal. All of the guests were admiring the sight of the maiko dancing, as she danced elegantly and beautifully.

After that, we chatted with the maiko. At this tour, a maiko and a staff who can speak in English visit each table where the guests are seated, allowing you to talk with the maiko. The gentle way of the maiko talking and expressions made the guests naturally smile. Many guests were smiling during their conversation with the maiko.

The guests were greatly enjoying themselves during the next event that included games that have been handed down from ancient times in Kyoto, and a photo shooting with the maiko.

Today’s Guests and Staff

On this day, there were also guests who came as a family who brought their young child of two years old. The maiko was talking to the young child as she smiled during the chat, and the child was curiously staring at the maiko’s face. Other guests and staff also welcomed the child during the chat.

There was also a guest this day who had a seafood allergy. However, since the guest had informed us beforehand, the guest could enjoy a meal just like everyone else, as we could smoothly accommodate the dishes for the guest. We are also able to offer high-quality services while being in Japan, as there are few times when we feel language barriers, as there is staff from Taiwan, South Korea, and Brazil, other than English-speaking staff. In this way, Enchanted time with Maiko is very creative to offer detailed and helpful services.
We invite you to spend a special time with a beautiful maiko over a great dinner during your next visit to Japan with Enchanted time with Maiko.