1. Maiko’s hair ornaments in June (7th June, 2018 Thursday)

Maiko’s hair ornaments in June (7th June, 2018 Thursday)

Although it’s getting hotter and hotter in Kyoko, we welcomed many guests today.

Today’s Maiko

Kikusana-san, today’s Geisha from Miyagawa-cho, is one of the Gokagai.

Her smile is beautiful and she is also very friendly, so all of the guests enjoyed very much spending some time together.


Let us introduce about Hana-kanzashi, a hair ornament that is a crucial item for any Maiko for their hair. A Maiko’s Hana-kanzashi has a seasonable motif that represents each season, so it is said that people who are in Hana-machi can feel the changing of the seasons just by looking at a Maiko’s Hana-kanzashi.

It is now, June so Maiko wears a Hana-kanzashi with a hydrangea motif – its symbolism expresses water drops on a hydrangea, they are gorgeously shiny.

Today’s guest

Today’s guest for us is a person from Norway and also a family from America. The American family stay in Japan for 12 days and will be visiting Nara and Osaka after Kyoto. The reason why the family joined “the Enchanted time with Maiko” is that the father has a strong interest in Maiko.

The event always has very simple Ozashiki games, and we are always pleased to see that all the guests join and gain an unforgettable experience. The winner of the games can take a picture with the Maiko, so the guests become very excited and had great fun. The guest who beats the Maiko receives and “Instax” photo with the Maiko.


There are many varied questions about the Maiko’s work, and also about their private life, from the guests to the Maiko in a fun and relaxed environment, such as “How many kimono do you have?”, “What do you usually do for your off days?”. The Maiko sincerely answered all the questions as usual and had a very precious time with all the guests.

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