1. Summer has arrived in Kyoto(14th June, 2018 Saturday)

Summer has arrived in Kyoto(14th June, 2018 Saturday)

Weather is getting hotter and hotter. it means a summer-the season of the festival is coming. In July, the most important things in Kyoto is the Gion festival.  During this whole month, maiko will dress up all the accessories of Gion festival.

Now, let’s enjoy the dinner with a maiko!

When you arrive at our restaurant, Yasaka-Dori Enraku, you will be shown to our traditional tatami room where you can sit on the floor just in a Japanese way.

Also, we provide a delicious Japanese dinner menu and unlimited soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are included as well.


Today’s maiko – Tomichie.

There are some details of her kimono and accessories, all of the hair accessories are about Gion festival. The obi (the sash of the kimono, that’s tied in the back.)have a beautiful accessory and all her hairstyle is by her own hair, it has a hard way when she sleeps. 


Today’s guest


 With the assistance of our interpreter, Mika, you will have the opportunity to ask Tomichie some questions and ask about her fascinating life as a maiko.


Tonight, we had 2 guests were from the USA, living in Korea now. They were interested in how’s the lifestyle as a maiko and interested in those different cultures between Japan and Korea.

We also had another 2 guests from the USA. It’s their first time to Kyoto, also was a daughter’s first time to take her mother on a trip. They were very excited about the conversation with maiko and made many amazing travels plan about Gion festival.


Play games with maiko

The first game was called Konpir, a test of rhythm, memory, and reflexes.

The second game we played was Tora Tora Tora! (Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!) This makes the game a very elaborate form of rock paper scissors and it’s a fun game to play because it made us all let down our hair and have fun being ‘old women’, ‘tigers’ or ‘samurai’ with maiko.




Before they bid farewell, maiko elegantly positioned her selves and her clothes on the floor in a glamorous manner. You can feel free to take a commemorative photography with maiko. Please grab this opportunity to take a sweet picture with maiko!


All of us were enjoying ourselves during this sweet night.

Hope your Japan trip will fill with many unique and beautiful experiences.