1. August is almost over.(23rd August,2018 Thursday)

August is almost over.(23rd August,2018 Thursday)

Good evening!

The wind is so strong outside. According to the weather forecast, there will have a typhoon hit Kyoto tonight. Even the weather is quite unstable, it doesn’t calm our passion to visit maiko.


Our restaurant, Yasaka-Dori Enraku. Just like a shelter, when you walk through the Japanese garden and sit on Tatami mat, it will bring you peace of mind. Let’s enjoy the Japanese plum wine and sashimi with the amazing dance of Maiko.



Today’s maiko – Kikuyae(菊弥江).

Although the scorching summer is going to pass by, the kimono of Kikuyae is full of the symbol of summer: based on the color of peach, the fabric is decorated with many beautiful firework patterns.



There are also some fabulous accessories on her hair.

A symbol of susuki on her beautiful hair, it brings some breath of autumn in the air.


Today, Kikuyae bring us a traditional dance, the dance’s name is “京の四季” . It means the four seasons in Kyoto. Look at the elegant fingers and eyes of her, all of her performance is so amazing!



Today’s guest


Tonight, we have 12 guests, from USA, UK, and Hong Kong.


There has 1 family from Hong Kong. It’s their first time to Kyoto, also today is their first time to wearing Yukata. They are very excited about playing games with maiko and taking some funny pictures with maiko.


We also have 2 guests are from D.C., they will only stay 1 week in Japan. They said that this show is the most important thing in their trip. They have been watched the movie of Geisha, feel the maiko and geiko are very mysterious and the traditional dance was so fascinated by them.

Tora Tora! 


This game” Tora Tora ” (Tiger, Tiger!)

It a very elaborate form of rock paper scissors. Two players must hide behind each side of the screen. This game has three roles – Samurai, Old Woman or Tiger. The old woman can beat the samurai with her cane but loses to the tiger that eats her, the samurai cuts down the tiger with his sword. It’s is a very precious opportunity to close to Maiko and have a chance to play games with her.

Konpira Fune Fune


A sake box is placed between two players. As the song progresses each player must tap or lift the box in turn, if the box is lifted, must tap the fist on the empty table. The music gets faster as the game progresses and the loser must drink a cup of beer(or we prepare oolong tea for you, too)


See you again!


At the end of dinner, the Maiko stayed around and you all able to have photos with her.

I really believe that all of us have a lot of happiness with each other and enjoying the sweet time during this amazing night.


Take care, see you again soon!