1. Feeling like autumn more and more in Kyoto.(18th September,2018 Tuesday )

Feeling like autumn more and more in Kyoto.(18th September,2018 Tuesday )

Hello, everyone!

In this month, we can feel autumn is just around the corner through those leaves are changing their color and you can feel the breath of winter, morning and evening.

If we’re going to say goodbye to summer, might as well bring in fall in the prettiest way possible, no? And the best way in Kyoto is to see a great show of Maiko, to see how the fabulous will be about her kimono and accessories.


Today’s maiko –Fukuya(ふく弥).



Colors begin to change as a new season begins.

The kimono of Fukuya is based on the color of burgundy, is a dark red tending towards brown. The kimono is decorated with some beautiful flowers which also let us feel that fall is in the Air.


Maiko don’t wear wigs and their eyebrows will be shaded in red or pink, their cheeks slightly blushed, and their eyes outlined with black eyeliner and red eyeshadow. During the early stages of their training, junior maiko will only have their lower lip painted in red and as they advance as a senior maiko, both their lips will be painted.


You can notice that the hair accessory is also having some symbols of this colorful season. Her hair accessory is a cute Kikyo(balloon flower), is one of the autumn flowers, symbolize unchanging love, honesty, and obedience.

Today, Kikuyae bring us an elegant dance, the dance’s name is “Kyo No Shiki”. As its name suggests, it is a work depicting the feeling and emotion of the four seasons in Kyoto. As well as depicts some aspect of Japanese life, especially life in Kyoto and the maiko districts. There is a particular focus on traditional places such as shrines and temples, and on the changes seen in nature throughout the year.


As a swing, there are movements that meaning about walking while sipping an umbrella or the rain fell on the sleeve.


Today’s guest

Tonight, we have one sweet family from Australia.

They have a shy but pretty cute daughter, this is their first time for the family trip, and also it’s their first time to visit Kyoto, to visit maiko. Even this little girl was so shy, but when she saw maiko, a smile broke out across her face. What a charming moment!


Fukuya chatted with everyone about everything and when she answers questions always with a smile on her face. She performed gracefully dances for us and let everybody takes all the photos they desired.

At the end of the night, let us use a traditional way to say goodbye with her, “Ookini!” it means “thank you” in Kyoto.


Take care, see you again soon!