1. How To Win The Ozashiki Games with Geisha

How To Win The Ozashiki Games with Geisha

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Kanae Nakahama

Lived in the States for ten years. Now living near a famous sightseeing area; Arashiyama, for more than 15 years. Watching people and feeling the culture in two countries made another point of view for me.

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How To Win The Ozashiki Games with Geisha


Going to a teahouse is the easiest way to meet Geisha. At the teahouse, they do Japanese dancing and serve drinks for the customers. Not only that, you can play original games at the teahouse. Did you know if you lose the game, you need to swing an alcoholic? But please think for a moment. Isn‘t that an unfair game? Geisha is professionals for everything. They are even professionals in the games too. Today, I would like to introduce what kind of games are played at the teahouse and how to win the game. If I were you, I would like to see the girls lose the game look disappointed rather than getting myself drunk.





Japanese Restaurant Enraku


To understand the reality, I went to Enraku to have games with the Geisha.  It is near Yasaka Shrine.






Her name is Ms.Fukune. In her name, the kanji for “sound” was included. Before enjoying the games, I understood why she had a kanji for “sound” in her name. She had a very beautiful voice.





Konpira Fune Fune


Konpira Fune Fune might be the famous Ozashiki game. It’s simple and to do this game you just use a cup to do this game. Only two people can play this game.

First of all, Konpira Fune Fune is the name of the song. It is said this song was first sang by the fisherman. It is an easy song to remember, this song began to become famous and started be sang at bars too. At Bon festival dance, people dance by this song. It is a familiar song to people who live in Japan.





Rules For Konpira Fune Fune


By starting this game, first you need a little cup and table. As I said in the beginning, that is all you need for this game.






Then sit down and face each other.






After the Geisha starts singing, she will touch the cup first on tempo. After she touches the cup, it’s your turn next to touch the cup on tempo. You have to continue this alternatingly with the Geisha.






Just touching the cup alternately isn’t the rules. Either one can grab the cup when they want to. If the other person grabs the cup, you need to close your palm and touch the desk.






For example, if the Geisha grabs the cup, the other person has to make an action like the picture. There is another rule to this. You can grab the cup continuously only three times. If you grab the cup more than three times it’s a foal, and have to stroke the alcohol at once.






At Enraku, Ms. Fukune was losing the game. This happening looked very rare. It was a rare experience to see an embarrassed Geisha.





Hint And Tips For Konpira Fune Fune


After playing the game, the only way to win from the Geisha was to have rhythmic sense and instantaneous force for this game. Also practicing was necessary. It might be a better way to imagine practicing like you are remembering a dance. Even though the Geisha are professionals for the games, if you hold the leading position you can win the game. For example, trying to make the tempo faster than the Geisha expects is an easy way to discomposure how they feel. All above, the wheeling and dealing are very important in this game. You must to be solid to win from the Geisha. If you have the basic skills and control your feelings, there is a chance to win from the Geisha. Do not hurry up, you might screw up. Before that, you must calm down and rule your emotions, that take charge of the game.







Tora-Tora-Tora is a gesture game that is close to rock scissor paper. In this game, an old woman, the tiger, and the soldier are the three characters that appear. You can play with two people. By dancing with the Geisha and singing and gesturing, even the people who are not playing the game has an enjoyment.





Rules For Tora-tora-tora


The left side woman is gesturing as a soldier, and the Geisha is gesturing as a tiger. The soldier is stronger than the tiger. In this case, the Geisha lose.






The old woman is stronger than the soldier, but the tiger is stronger than the old woman. In this photo, the Geisha is gesturing as an old woman. Therefore, the Geisha wins this game.






At last, the tiger is stronger than the woman, but the soldier is stronger than the tiger.  In this case, the Geisha loses.






This is a good game that even though you are not dancing, the Geisha will teach and show how to dance. The dance looked easy to remember, and by moving your body before the gesture, the shameless would disappear.





Hint And Tips For Tora-tora-tora


In my opinion, to win this game, tie into without shameless was necessary. Also trying to read what the Geisha was thinking was necessary too. This game was more like playing a mental game with the Geisha. The first way to read the Geisha, was by listening to her singing. Because of the wall, you could hear her voice from the high area or the low area. If you hear her voice from the high area, it means she is going to do the tiger gesture. If you hear from the high are, she is doing the old woman or the soldier.






From another point, it might be a challenge for people who are playing this game the first time to do the gesture of a tiger because of the shameless. Therefore, the Geisha might think the person might not challenge doing the tiger gesture. Also, the gesture of the soldier is very easy and looks fun, so people might start doing the gesture of the soldier first. As a result, it’s not 100% sure but the Geisha might start by the gesture of an old woman first.





In The End


Before anything, Maiko is still just a teenager. They’re absolutely smart and hard to read their feeling from the face, but still a teenager. Luck is necessary to win, but there are quite few places that you can read their emotions from their reaction. One day, then you have a day playing the games with the Geisha, please try one of the methods if you would like to.