1. Let’s walking quiet street, and buy curious candy in Kyoto!

Let’s walking quiet street, and buy curious candy in Kyoto!

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1.Relax at quiet street if you get tired in Kyoto nearby busy district!



You may worry about which is the best place to feel better in Kyoto.


As you know, there are many tourists from oversea, therefore some sightseeing spot are not suitable to refresh because around Sanjo-street and Shijo area known as busy district are crowded every day!


Then, I want you introduce you “1.5 hours course to relax at quiet street in Kyoto”


on next chapter!


I think you already know that Arashiyama, Kibune, and Fusimi area and Uji city where has nice view and quiet sceneries. But, I venture to say that you have not need to go to there because above area are far from Kyoto city and uncomfortable to enjoy shopping around busy district to buy souvenirs.


Then, please read next chapter and shop list on chapter 3 that I introduced!





2.Only 1.5 hours course for you who want to relax at quiet street



In Higashiyama area of Kyoto is one of area nearby Gion-shijo, and Snajo street known as busy district.


Now, I want introduce you “Only 1.5 hours course for you who want to relax at quiet street” on this chapter.


After reading here, you may understand that no need to go countryside of Kyoto to refresh, and it is enough to relax nearby busy district around Shijo-area!


Please get off at Keihan Sanjo station! It is not difficult to go to destination.



At first, please use Keihan line and get off Sanjo station to enjoy walking quiet street.


If you find this above sign, please up the stairs to exit No4! This exit is best to go to destination.



Next, please go straight Yamato-Oji-street. (In Japanese, Yamatoojidori, 大和大路通)



This bus station is one of sign to go to Yamato-Oji-street. If you can find it, just go straight please!


When you walking on this street, you can find quiet street on your right side.



Moreover, you may find nice Kyoto cuisine named “Orae”


If you are hungry, let’s try this restaurant.



You must walk around 22 minutes to buy curious candy named “Ghost Child Care Candy” ( in Japanese, known as “Yurei-kosodate-ame”)


If you go straight more, you can find flesh fruit shop “Kanematsu”(かね松)


You may find nice confections made from flesh fruits.




Let’s buy some one as souvenir for your family or friends!


If you pass this street, you can find intersection. Before intersection, you may find market where deal with something like Japanese cookie (Senbei せんべい)




When I visit there, there are many tourists from foreign countries checking and shopping. They really have fun! Above picture was taken by me, and they are from Russia.


It is off the subject, but my major was Russian film history and culture in Graduate School of Arts, of course I can speak Russian a little, so I was excited.


Meeting someone from other counties around here is also nice experience.


If you satisfied with shopping at this market, please across the intersection.



Then, you can find “Nishiki Market KYOTANBA” (錦市場 京丹波).


This shop’s marron is so sweet and tasty! I recommend you to buy 5 pieces  package or 10 pieces one. 5 pieces package is 450 JPY.


I bought this one for my family, all of them liked it!



After you bought this one, please go straight. You can find brilliant hand-made shop on your left side.



When you take your route as my guidance, you can find hand-made crafts shop named “MUTANT SISTER” This is vintage fabric and embroidery shop and owner of is woman. She is Ms. Shigeno Morita.



According to Ms.Morita, all the things in this shop are made by her! Could you imagine that only one female makes bag, poach, coin case and so on?


When I interviewed, she answered with smile and I felt she was charming. I recommend if you are woman who has interest about Japanese hand-made stuff, please drop in for shopping.


However, please pay attention that this shop open only on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Japanese Holiday.


Ms. Morita also has blog,  (http://mutantsister.net) but it only Japanese. Still, you may see new items that Ms. Morita made by herself! Please check it!



Hair elastic covered vintage cloth is cute, and affordable, around 600 JPY.


Next, please go straight about 5 minutes from that shop, you may find this farmacy and a traffic sign.




If you find this traffic sign in front of you, please turn left to go to Minatoya to buy curious candy called “Ghost Child Care Candy”(Yurei-Kosodate-Ame幽霊子育飴)





3.Let’s buy Ghost Child Care Candy that an insider would know at Minatoya.


At Higashiyama area, you can fine curious candy named” Yurei-Kosodate-Ame (in English, shop introduce as “Ghost Child Care Candy”) at Minatoya(みなとや)



Do you know Japanese famous comic and animation “Gegege no Kitarou”(ゲゲゲの鬼太郎) originally known as “Kitaro of the Graveyard” created by Shigeru Mizuki? This comic and animation is interesting and loved by many Japanese.


According to this shop, this shop became a model for this comic!



This red and green flag is symbol.



Why this candy is famous and name is “Ghost Child Care Candy”?


About 400 years ago, in the midnight of midsummer, young woman came to there to buy candy.


She came in every night at the same time. Why she came here at the same time to buy candy? You are interested in this story, right?


Then, at night on the 7th , owner of this candy shop chased her, because he thought that coming to buy candy every night is mysterious. Usually, if you want to buy candy, you may go to shop until around 5 o’clock because some of confectionary shop open until midnight!


Following here keeping a little distance, owner lost sight of the her suddenly at the cemetery at the temple nearby. You may already this woman’s true identity. Yes, she is a ghost!


When owner went to place where here disappeared, he found a new tomb and heard the voice of baby cries from under that! Is he/her still alive or ghost?


The owner called the chief priest at the temple, and dug the ground immediately.


Finally, they wound a corps of the woman who came to buy candy every day at the midnight. In addition, they also found a new born baby who crying having the candy in one’s hand.


It is unbelievable that living baby in a lifeless of he/her mother was born in the tomb!


Then, this candy named “Ghost Child Care Candy” (Yurei-Kosodate-Ame幽霊子育飴) as the symbol of celestial love of mother even though she already has dead.


What a fabulous and sentimental story it is!



This candy is 500 JPY for one package. I tried this one, this taste not too sweet and not melt if you bring it on your bag on summer.


In addition, the baby who was rescued from tomb is said has became a priest!


You may feel deep love of mother and remember yours.


Please tell this story to your mother and share this candy at coffee time! I tried it with coffee and milk tea, it was suitable.





4.Go to Shorenin(青蓮院) to have relax time! You can see nice sceneries!


After you enjoyed at Minatoya, let’s go to Shorenin whrere is known as a one of garden of Tendai Sect.


You can see detail in formation in English on official web site.



Shorenin temple is one of the five Monzeki temple of Tendai sect. In Buddism, threre are many sect so, Tendai is also one of them


About Shorenin, I introduce next chapter with photo that I were taken by me.



Then, please just go straight as my guidance. You can see mountain from there, so it is one sign.


Around 5 or 6 minutes from here, you may find RENTAL KIMONO shop on your left side.


If you find this store, please turn left and go straight to reach to Shorenin.



If you want to try rental Kimono, you can choose what you want here. Around this street, you can find some Rental Kimono store because Higashiyama area is suitable to walk.


Then, you find this traffic sign, please go straight about 2 minutes.



After you passed away here, you can find nice a nice dealer in pickles, in Japanese “Tsukemono” (漬物)





This shop deal with Japanese pickles. (Tsukemono)


On summer time, many people buy this plum called “Ajiume” (Ume means Japanese plum)


It is said that Ume is fatigue prophylactic and recovering well, therefore if you got slight heatstroke, chewing this one is better! This price is 162 JPY per one plum including tax.


In addition, owner of this shop said that pickles of pumpkin is popular especially in summer.



If you are interested in, pleas drop in this shop to buy plum or pickles!


This small pickles shop name is Yaoi (東山 八百伊)


After that, you can find intersection on your right side, so please turn right to across this intersection.


Then, you can find this way. Refer below picture please.



You must go straight from here around 1 minutes, and you may find Japanese beans confectionary shop on your left side.



When you find this shop, please turn left and go straight. From here to Shorenin is around 10 minutes!


Through this gate and go straight please as my guidance.



It is Yasaha Shrine (Yasaka jinja) if you want to enter this place, you must 2 hours, therefore I skipped here. Of course you can enter freely.


When you find this shrine, please turn left to go to Shorenin!



Through away here, and go straight about 5 minutes, and you can find signboard to guide for tourist.



When you find these, please go straight to enter Shorenin.



From here, only 3 minutes.



Go straight to Shorenin, it took only 2 or 3 minutes by walk.


How peaceful and quiet street. From here to busy district, only 10 minutes!


Therefore, no need to go to countryside for relax well!



Finally, you arrive at Shorenin.


Let’s buy ticket to enter Japanese style garden at Shorenin. (Shorenin monzeki)



Opening hours is 9:00 to 17:00, so after lunch time is better. But ticket sold until 16:30!


Shorenin garden is said that created Muromachi era, (Around 1392 to 1507 at least)


This garden created with mount Awata, (Awata-san) amd this Shorenin has article history because this garden has deep relationship with Japanese Imperial Family, therefore all the construction of this garden is established and shopisticated.




As you see, many people rest there.


Inside of here is not so hot, but bring water and food is prohibited.



You can get guide map at entrance, but it is written in only Japanese. Inside here, very comfortable restroom also exists.



Enjoy nice view at the edge. You surely take nice pictures around here.



Canadian family also rest well and enjoy here. If you are person from country like Russia, Canada, such as cold place. You must avoid hottest sunshine!



If you satisfied with Shorenin, let’s go to Higashiyama station nearby here or enjoy shopping around Shijo or Sanjo street known as busy district.


But, I recommend you to go to Higasiyama staition of Keihan line, because on this way also quiet and you can avoid crowded peoples.



Here is Higashiyama station if you go pass away Shorenin and go straight, and turn left at intersection.





5.Enought to refresh nearby busy district if you get tired.



You may know Arashiyama, or Kibune where is quite and has nice sceneries to refresh. But, if you have not enough time to go to there or want to enjoy shopping around Shijo-area or Sanjo street, the course that I introduced on chapter 2 -4 are suitable!