1. Our five unforgettable Geisha tours for guests as well as for us

Our five unforgettable Geisha tours for guests as well as for us

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Takumu Ogama

I have been living in Kyoto, Japan since I was born. I have a lot of friends in other countries. So, I know how poor their knowledge about Kyoto is. That is why I am trying to share food, culture, and stuffs like those with people around the world. I hope my articles will be useful for your trip.

We have been very pleased to offer a Geisha dinner show to our customers, mainly foreign tourists, here in Kyoto.
Each Geisha dinner show has been different since we started the shows in Spring. Geisha’s kimono, Obi belt, and a beautiful Japanese meal have been changing according to the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. So throughout the year, the shows have always had a different taste, therefore, each show is different.

Here are our five shows that took place last year. Let us introduce them for you to enjoy!

The first show in Spring, 2017

Our first ever VIP tour, Geisha Dinner Show

A great atmosphere of each show is always different, made by a team of Geisha, Staff, and guests.

Our first ever guests were a married couple from Australia, actually, the younger sister of the wife organized the tour as a surprise.

As the sister’s expected, the couple had a wonderful time and especially they fully enjoyed one of the Ozashiki Asobi (the traditional party games) with a Geisha. It was called Tora Tora, having to use their whole body to do Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Take a look the show report:

First VIP Tour (March 26th, 2017)

Our first ever Main tour, Geisha dinner show

The Main show is same as the VIP show. Each show always has a different atmosphere, and I can tell the difference between them, by the number of guests. Naturally, guests create the atmosphere for the dinner show.


We had a special surprise on the day that we’ll never forget.
A couple, just married in Kyoto, came to join our show straight after their marriage! Such an honor having the happy couple with us on the first day of the Main Show. The bride loves Kyoto very much, and that is why their day was pretty much filled with Kyoto and its culture.
All of the other guests were delighted by the entertainment on the Geisha dinner show as well.

Take a look the show report:

The First Main Tour (April 11th, 2017)


An Australian couple celebrated their wedding anniversary by meeting a Geisha.

The time of the show was the middle of July. Many tourists came from not only Japan, but also from abroad, and like a big wave visited Kyoto because one of the three biggest festivals in Japan, Gion Matsuri, which is held in Kyoto. Enchanted time with Maiko had many guests during the festival season.

One of the guests was from Saudi Arabia. Apparently, they were worried that they had a limited type of food. It is always the pleasure that we aim to provide a meal that suits guest’s demand.

Also, A couple from Australia was celebrating their wedding anniversary, so a card with a message, written by a Geisha was given to them. We hope that was an unforgettable memory for them.

Take a look the show report:

Experience Kyoto with Maiko (July 11, 2017)


A Geisha and the youngest guest on the show played a geisha game together

The tour was held in the middle of September when a nice, cool breeze blew into Kyoto, after a very hot Summer. So it is the best season to visit Gion in Kyoto, and at night, enjoy exploring without the heat.

The Geisha for the show was called Chikasaya-san, and she is 17 years old. The guests were very surprised to find her age and asked her lots of questions about their great interest. Chikasaya-san answered all questions sincerely with her smile.

There were some children in the group, and the youngest child joined in to play games with the Geisha. The child looked very happy and enjoyed the time she spent with Chikasaya-san. We are very happy that children joining us like the show, and there’s also a children’s menu available.

Take a look the show report:

Special night with maiko (September 26, 2017)


The show with a Geisha who’s dream to be Geisha came true.

This show was held in the middle of November. It was Autumn and it was getting chilly all over Japan. But Japanese people always enjoy seasonable events, like the Koyo season – the Autumn color of the leaves. This attracts more people to go out and enjoy the time of year.

The Geisha for the show was named Fukune-san. She was always having a dream to be a Geisha since she was 10 years old, so she was determined to move to Kyoto from Chiba prefecture to achieve her dream.
She is still 18 years old and happy to spend time and relax with her friends for shopping when she has time off twice a month – just a normal happy 18-year-old.

A lovely 8 years old guest to the show was so interested in Geisha, so she asked the question “Is it hard for you to dance in your kimono?” Such a good question!

Take a look the show report:

Welcome to Kyoto’s fall! (November 16, 2017)



As you know, Enchanted Time with Maiko has been organizing Geisha Dinner Shows throughout the year. We are very happy that all of our customers were satisfied and had a great time.
Why don’t you join us to make your dream come true; having a beautiful dinner with a Geisha in Kyoto – in the same way as Geisha Fukune-san, who achieved her dream having moved to moved Kyoto?

(Thank you in Kyoto’s own dialect)