1. The Ingredients of Maiko Makeup and an Attractive Invention

The Ingredients of Maiko Makeup and an Attractive Invention

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Ai Kazeki

Originally from Tokyo, but lived in France and Switzerland before. Traveled over many European countries. Now a university student in Kyoto. Completely addicted to Kyoto.

Gofun Nail – A specialty of Kyoto





Are you interested in Maiko makeup?


Well here’s some information on what they are made of, and a specialty of Kyoto made from the same ingredients!



■What is Maiko makeup made from?





The bright red and white colors of Maiko makeup have a special luminous color that normal makeups don’t have and is very attractive.


Have you ever wondered what they are made from?



The red makeup used on their lips is made from the pigment of safflower. Since safflowers are used for food coloring as well, it has no harm on human but the disadvantages are that it is expensive and it runs of quickly.




What about the powder of Maiko? It is called “Oshiroi” in Japanese, and is made from kaolinite, calcium carbonate, zinc oxide and other chemicals. Lead and mercury used to be used in the old days, but after the toxicity was found out, they were abolished.




■Paint for Japanese dolls and paintings, and a new invention





The white paint used for the faces of Japanese dolls and paintings also contain calcium carbonate, same as actual Maiko makeup. It is called “Gofun” in Japanese.



What I want to introduce today is an invention made by a Japanese paint company. It is called “Gofun Nail”.




■Gofun Nail








The Japanese paint company that invented “Gofun Nail” is called “Ueba Esou”, and is the oldest paint company in Japan established in 1751.





There are more than 40 colors and new colors are being introduced occasionally.



You can try all colors at Ueba Esou.




What’s special about this nail polish is that it is made from ‘Gofun’, the ingredient of Japanese white paint and the face powder of Maiko.



Unlike normal nail polish, it is water-soluble and does not contain organic solvents that cause a stinging smell.






This color is “Gofun”. It is bright white, like Maiko face powder.





This is “Tsuyabeni”. The name is taken from the lip makeup that Maiko use.




When you want to remove it, you use the special remover for Gofun Nail. Again, same as the nail polish, the remover is alcohol based so there is no stinging smell.



Are you interested in Maiko and Gofun Nail now?



Although real Maiko do not paint their nails, it might be a great experience to wear a kimono and color your nails in a color that goes with it, with Gofun Nail.



If you want a real Maiko makeover experience, check this page too!




Not only at Ueba Esou, but you can also buy Gofun Nail at Kyoto Station and many others stores in Kyoto, so it might be a nice souvenir as well.










Ueba Esou – Japanese oldest paint company















■Opening Hours





Monday-Friday   9:00-17:00

Saturday, Sunday   Closed









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