1. What’s in Maiko’s Bag?

What’s in Maiko’s Bag?

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Spilling the secret contents of maiko’s everyday bag today!


Geiko Mitsuna kindly showed us the essentials in her bag for everyday use when she was a maiko.



A girl can never have too many bags, right? Maiko and geiko enjoy choosing a bag to make differences with others. They only have hand bags, not shoulder or tote bags, when they’re wearing kimono. A hand bag may be a little small, but it’s able to carry everything they need.

■1. Japanese Fan


A Japanese fan is a must-have item for maiko and geiko, especially in summer. As same as their kimono and hair accessories, a fan also shows seasonalities. The month of May is ending shortly, so June is now around the corner. The flower of June is a Japanese hydrangea, so she’s chosen a fan of hydrangea for the next month.

■2. Pocket Tissue


As same as us, a pack of tissues are well required everyday. Maiko and geiko don’t bring it without a tissue case. Having the case shows their carefulness and good manner. Also, it adds colors in a bag.

■3. Card Case


Maiko and geiko cannot forget to bring their Hana-meishi or a business sticker with them. When they see someone new, they give own hana-meishi to introduce themselves. They also keep other maiko/geiko’s hana-meishi and customers’ business cards in a card case.

■4. Mini Coin Case


They don’t make a big parches except on day offs, but in case of any small parches, maiko and geiko have some money with them. They usually bring a small hand bag, so the size is perfect to fit the small bag.

■5. Pack of blotting papers


To simply take off facial oil as etiquette. Just like a pocket tissue, maiko and geiko cover the pack of papers with a Japanese-style case. Did you know that Kyoto is famous for good blotting papers? Find your favorite in Kyoto for souvenirs.

■6. Clock


Since maiko are not allowed to have cellphones, a clock is their most important device. Importance of punctuality is the first thing girls learn before they become maiko. They are always with a clock and try to never be late for a dance practice and ozashiki (dinner).

■7. Comb


Maiko need to keep their complex hair style for a week. This wooden comb was specially designed to use for traditional Japanese hairstyles.

■8. Handkerchief


Not only for wet hands, but it’s also used when they have a meal. During a meal they use a handkerchief to avoid spilling liquids. Maiko’s beautiful, expensive kimono is kept clean by lots of efforts.

■9. Others

Fan for Dance Practice

This fan is used for dance practice in the morning. It’s bigger than the usual fan maiko bring everyday.

Another different kind of trasitional Japanese fans, but this is not a folding fan. Uchiwa is a part of Japanese seasonal traditions. Maiko carry uchiwa during the summer. When you take a close look at their uchiwa, each of them is different. They have own uchiwa on which their names are written.

Thank you Mitsuna for your cooperation. And there you have it, some of the essential items of maiko! It’s interesting to see some secrets, isn’t it?
Happy Monday Everyone!

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