1. Terms of service

These terms of use (hereinafter, “these Terms”) define the terms and conditions for the use of the service provided on this website (hereinafter, “the Service”) by S-fleage Inc. (hereinafter, “the Company”).
Please use the Service in accordance with these Terms in connection with the use of the Internet reservation system (hereinafter, “the System”) operated by the Company.

Article 1 (Application)

These Terms shall be applicable to any and all interaction between the user and the Company in connection the Service.

Article 2 (Prohibited Acts)

When using the Service, the actions enumerated below, as well as any behavior liable to result in such actions, are prohibited.

  1. Inputting false or fraudulent information when making reservations for a service
  2. Using the System while impersonating a third party
  3. Wrongfully obstructing the operation of the Service and inflicting losses on the Company
  4. Infringing upon the rights of or causing harm to another customer or third party

Article 3 (Formation of Service Contracts)

Service reservations made via the System shall be completed when the email containing notification of the finalized reservation details is issued, and a contract shall be formed between the Service and the customer effective at such point in time.

Article 4 (Cancellations)

The following cancellation fees shall apply when canceling a reservation.

  • <Main Tour>
    8+ Days Before the Event:No Cancellation Fees
    7 Days Before the Event:1 Day before the Event: ¥5,000/Guest
  • Day of the event:100% of the Fee
  • <VIP Tour>
    72 hours before the tour date : ¥30,000
    48 hours before the tour date : ¥30,000 + ¥5,000/per person.

Article 5 (Notification of Approval of Prepaid Online Sales, etc.)

The Company shall send notification regarding approval of prepaid online sales, etc. to the customer via email.

Article 6 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The interpretation of these Terms shall be governed by Japanese law.
In the event of a dispute regarding the Service, the court with jurisdiction over the area in which the Company’s headquarters reside shall be the agreed court of exclusive jurisdiction.

Article 7 (Modification of the Terms)

The Company may modify these Terms without giving notification in advance. Following modification of the contents, only the modified contents shall be valid.

Article 8 (Measures for Violations of Basic Terms)

The Company may refuse access to the Service for customers who engage in behavior which the Company deems inappropriate, such as actions which harass or inflict losses on a third party, actions which are liable to disrupt the Company’s systems, or actions which substantially violate these Terms.