1. Where to buy Kimono and Yukata in Kyoto including men’s

Where to buy Kimono and Yukata in Kyoto including men’s

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Masaya Osada

Born and raised in Kyoto. I love traveling. The more I was exposed to foreign culture, the more I realized how fascinating Kyoto is. This is why I am writing this English article for you to make your trip in Kyoto much more enjoyable!

When you’re in Kyoto, what do you want to do!? You might want to wear Kimono as you’re in Japan by traveling all the way to the island country.

For those who want to try wearing kimono, I would recommend to buy kimono instead of renting it. Only pictures are left after renting kimono, but if you buy your kimono, you can keep it as a souvenir. I think that it’s really cool to wear kimono in your own country!

Do you think that a kimono is expensive? Yes, you’re right, like gorgeous kimono geiko/maiko wear. However, kimono run the whole gamut. You can actually buy used kimono at as a reasonable price as renting or way cheaper.

Kimono and Yukata Shops in Downtown Kyoto

This time, I pick three kimono shops at both Shinkyogoku Street and Teramachi Street, where are popular streets among young people and tourists.

In Kyoto, there is a great number of kimono shops I want to recommend, but the three kimono shops are easy to find for travelers and they offer kimono at a reasonable price!

Second-hand Kimono and Yukata Shop Sakura, One of the most Popular Kimono Shop in Kyoto

1 minute after entering Shinkyogoku Street from the north arcade, there is Rental Kimono Sakura. A machine of currency exchange is the landmark to the store. 

The inside of the store is full of second-hand kimono for women and men. There are expensive kimono in the rear of a shop, but most of the kimono are sold at a low price from 1,080 yen. Although they’re used kimono, they look clean and new.

This is Yukata, one-layer kimono worn in summer. The color is girlish and cute. The price is 2,000 yen (without tax)

The shop also offers a variety of obi. It’s from 1,080 yen.

A ribbon for obi is available too from 840 yen.
It makes the coordinate very stylish, so highly recommended.


Kimono: 1,080 yen

Obi: 1,280 yen

Total: 2,360 yen

So reasonable!! It costs 4,000 yen to rental kimono for a day on average, so you understand how it can save your money? All the kimono are in good condition without dirt, loose strings. They’re designed as chic and subdued, so you can find an elegantly designed kimono at Sakura.

Ofuku- Kimono World, Where You can Buy Cheap and High-Quality Kimonos in Kyoto

In the middle of Shinkyogoku Street, you can find the other kimono shop, Ofuku- Kimono World. A various kind of kimono is available here as well as Sakura! It’s obvious that the store has a plenty of kimono and items from the outside.

At the spot, kimono are sold from 1,000 yen. I was surprised that the highest price is just 5,000 yen, wow. Also, I like patterns of kimono here. A wide variety of kimono including classic and modern designs is provided.

As well as kimono, many kinds of yukata are also sold. In Japan, people wear yukata for summer festivals, especially girls love wearing it!


Kimono:1,080 yen

Obi:850 yen

Total:1,930 yen

Special Price!! They don’t look used clothes, do they? It’s suitable for a young lady to madam. The shop Ofuku is famous for selling a wide variety of designs of kimono. It’s guaranteed that you can find your favorite design from many choices.



After immersing yourself in the elegance of Kyoto’s traditional attire by finding the perfect kimono or yukata, consider experiencing deeper into the city’s rich cultural practices. One such profound experience is the Hochoshiki Knife Ceremony, an exquisite ritual where artistry and culinary tradition blend seamlessly. This ancient art form, cherished in Kyoto, allows you to witness the skillful and ceremonial preparation of food, a testament to the city’s deep respect for tradition and celebration. If you want to try something unique journey in Kyoto, this Hochoshiki might be a great idea.


A sacred place for Japanese food, a treasure house of ingredients, Minami-Boso Takaya Shrine Kitchen knife ceremony "Ryumon-no-Koi" long story: edited by Minamiboso City Tourism Association Channel


CHICAGO Second Floor, Buy Your own Kimono in the middle of Kyoto City 

This is CHICAGO, a shop that deals in imported vintage clothing.

CHICAGO isn’t only f in Kyoto, but it’s also in several big cities in Japan. In the Kyoto store, vintage kimono are available for purchase.

Vintage clothing is displayed on the first floor.However, look at the second floor! It’s full of kimono on a wide space. Compared to the previous two stores, what makes CHICAGO so unique is the number of different kinds of kimono. It generally has modern designs, so if you’re looking for unique kimono of modern patterns, the store is where you should visit. You can enjoy the mixture of classic and modern tastes!

The line of kimono for ladies. They’re kimono for the summer season.



Kimono:2,900 yen

Obi:2,900 yen

Obi time:1,900 yen

Total :7,700yen


As I explained before, this isn’t kimono, but yukata for summer. The unique coordinate with the modern design, so pretty. If you don’t like commonly and classically designed kimono, you should go there to find your favorite kimono!



How was it?

Do you still think that renting kimono is more reasonable than purchasing? It’s way cheaper at the three kimono shops I introduced you today. Also, you can take it to your home! Kimono is a Japanese culture. You shouldn’t miss wearing it on your trip to Kyoto. Aside to that, Maiko’s kimono costs over 100,000 yen… how expensive…

Why don’t you pick your favorite at wonderful kimono shops in Kyoto?

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