1. UTAGE KAIGAI ~The best dinner with Geisha in Kyoto~

UTAGE KAIGAI ~The best dinner with Geisha in Kyoto~

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Mayu Inayama

I am a first-year college student who visits Kyoto about 200 days a year. I'm familiar with Kyoto's cuisine and sightseeing, and have experience as a guide. I'm interested in languages and business administration, and hold a level pre 1 English proficiency test and a level 3 bookkeeping certificate. On this website, I will provide information on Kyoto's attractions based on my own experience!

Geisha is an important part of Kyoto’s traditional culture.
Many visitors to Kyoto may look for a course to have dinner with a geisha in the evening.

In fact, it is very difficult to choose the best course and also hard to find a course with a clear “price” “time” and “content” of the meal and with an “interpreter guide” for international tourists.

Everyone struggles to find the right course and restaurant, and many people give up on dinner with geisha.

To solve such problems, we have created a new service, UTAGE KAIGAI.

Below is a detailed description of the very attractive UTAGE KAIGAI content.


UTAGE-KAIGAI is the name of a service that offers evening dinner courses with geisha.
Since one room is reserved and held at a restaurant in Gion, guests can enjoy a tatami room game in their own private space. This plan is especially popular for various occasions such as business entertainment and family trips.

In addition, guests can experience a unique Kyoto experience by chatting and playing with Geisha Maiko, who are professionals in hospitality.

It will be held at Enraku and Yasaka-dori in Kyoto. It is a place where you can enjoy the streetscape of Kyoto.


The website of UTAGE KAIGAI:




The price includes all taxes, tips to geisha, dinner, all-you-can-drink drinks including alcohol, and one interpreter guide.

2 persons: 66,500 yen/person x 2persons Total: 133,000yen
3 persons: 48,500 yen/person x 3 persons Total: 145,500yen
4 persons: 38,500 yen/person x 4persons Total: 154,000yen
5 or more: 34,000 yen/person

Advantage: Unlike other sites, prices are clearly determined by the number of people, and there are no additional charges.


The service is for 2 hours and you can choose below 4 timeframe.


Advantage is that the exact time is fixed and it is easy to schedule before and after the course.



ENRAKU will offer traditional Kyoto cuisine. The guests can enjoy uniquely Japanese cuisine prepared with delicacy and elegance, which has been very well received by our guests.

The menu includes a wide variety of fish, meat, vegetables, and tempura. You can also enjoy seasonal ingredients that change with the seasons.

②Watching dance performances

The guests enjoy a meal and watch the geisha dance and perform.

For geisha, the tatami room is also a place where they show their guests how much they have developed by performing the dances and playing the instruments they have usually practiced.

The geisha wear beautiful kimonos and dance brilliantly to the sounds of the shamisen and drums.

③Ozashiki (Japanese tatami room) playing

Games created using methods and things that can be played with only what is available in the tatami room are called ozashiki-asobi. For example, there are many variations of games using rock-paper-scissors. Other games include those using the shamisen and skits.

This time, we will introduce you to the classic “Omawari-san”, a popular form of Japanese tatami room play.
In “Omawari-san,” the players play rock-paper-scissors, and the loser goes around once, while the winner beats the taiko drum three times; if he loses three times, he drinks. Since they go around while drinking, it is easy to get drunk. Of course, minors play ozaiko with tea or other drinks that do not contain alcohol.

Like this, Customers and geisha play a variety of games on the tatami while having a pleasant conversation with each other.

When interacted with a geisha, There is no need to use honorifics with geisha, even when meeting them for the first time. In addition to after-party parties after the playing at tatami room, geishas also go out for meals or on trips on their days off if invited by their customers. However, geisha consider such outings as part of their work, called “excursions”.

④Photographs with geisha

Interpreter Guide

A professional interpreter will be provided on the day of the course, so you don’t have to worried about understanding of Japanese.


The restrant, Enraku is located in Higashiyama which is near from Yasaka street and Kiyoumizu temple.



594-3 Komatsu-cho, Higashi-iru, Yamato-oji-dori Shijo-sagaru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


About 10 minutes walk from Keihan Gion-Shijo Station

About 15-20 minutes drive from JR Kyoto Station

Dietary Restrictions

We can accommodate dietary restrictions for overseas guests.
Upon request, we will provide meals that exclude foods that are inedible due to religion, beliefs, vegetarianism, allergies, etc.


UTAGE KAIGAI only accept courses from two people. For one person, we are not accepted.

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Did you understand UTAGEKAIGAI in this article?

This service is designed for international tourists, and the prices, times, and contents are made very easy to understand. Even first-time visitors to Japan can enjoy an evening meal with a geisha without worrying about the language.
If you are at all interested in this service, please apply for it from the website below.
We will do our best to support you and entertain you.


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