1. Where you can buy cosmetics used by Maiko ?

Where you can buy cosmetics used by Maiko ?

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Where you can buy cosmetics used by Maiko ?

On  this article, I  want to introduce you to some organic cosmetics which used by Maiko.

If you are ready who prefer to natural make up or having intention to be natural beauty, please read this article and try them.

There are many shop deal with cosmetics loved by real Maiko, and some of them are produced by Maiko.

If you are lady who are interested in natural beauty, let’s check these shop that I introduced chapter 2 and chapter 3!

Natural cosmetics used by Maiko is really good for skin,therefore they keep beautiful face and body.

These days, people prefer to organic cosmetics try such cosmetics. Of course these stuff are not so expensive so, you can buy them as souvenir for your friends who likes natural cosmetics.


On next chapter, I will introduce some shop and detail information through my interview.

Please read and let’s go to there to find nice one.

 ■2.Where you can buy these cosmetics in Kyoto?

Shop named Yoshitoyo, (よしとよ) 3 stores in Kyoto station, Gion at Higasiyama area and they also have online shop (But it is limited only in Japan)

If you want to go to Gion around Shijo station, I recommend you to go there, but if you have enough time, store in Kyoto station is convenient.

I visited store  inside of Kyoto station “Porta” branch. There are 2 branches but most of items are same.

Shop stuff said “Lururun” (ルルルン)is most popular in that store because this facial mask is only limited in Kyoto shop means you can not buy other branch stores!

It includes essence of great tea makes your skin brightly!

If you drop on this shop, you must check it.

Inside of the package, 5 facial masks. This price is 1500JPY, therefore some people buy it and share with friends!

Moreover, this shop deal with cosmetics of MAMY SANGO that Maiko use them like a lip cream.

Owner Mr. Takeuchi recommended me below items.

Lip cream, lip gross, hand cream and perfume.

I bought lip cream for me and try it, this is soft touch and gibe your lips moisture!

Next. I visited UEBAESOU(上羽絵惣)locates Nakagyo area.


This shop deal with organic nail that called “Kohn-nail” means  “Powder used for painting nail” 

It is a kind of  pigment and if you try this nail, dry immediately!

I asked shop stuff which is most popular and she answered Kirara-Nadeshiko, the pink one is best seller.


Most of  nails are 1300 JPY but special edition like including gold is expensive a little around 1500 JPY.

In addition, special summer candy color now on sell! 

Limited edition in this year, 7 colors. Moreover this 7 colors are only limited on summer.

Therefore, woman salesperson said these nails are extremly popular  among young girls and ladies.

Apple, cherry, grape, plum, soda, mellon and lemon.

Then, I want to introduce Yojiya(よーじや)that is one of famous shop deal with degreasing paper for make up.


When you inter to Kyogoku-street, you may find narrow street on your right side.

If you find it, enter here and go straight please!


It is narrow street named Kayou-koji, and you can find Yojiya on your left side. 

Signboard is small, therefore you may miss this shop!

It is a signboard to find.


Let’s enter and try natural cosmetics, you can test some items.

Recommended items is of course degreasing paper for make up.


Above degrading paper for make up is only limited version at shop in main branch in Gion(祇園)

It off the subject but, I bought pink package for my friend in China.

However, this shop has many items such as lip cream smell of citrus, and sunscreen hand cream.

Especially on summer, these items are best for your skin to avoid sunburn.


Sunscreen cream is 1800 JPY, especially better for person who doing some sports.

I tried this sunscreen that shop salesperson recommended me, this cream lengths very smoothly.

Of course degreasing paper also nice because not only tourist also citizen who prefer high quality stuff for make up buy for themselves or as souvenir.

If you drop in this shop, please try lip cream with sunscreen eccence and sunscreen cream!

Then, I introduce Kadura-seirouhou(かづら清老舗) to you.

Your hair is damaged because of sunshine or dying colors?

Madura-seirouhou deal with hair brash called ‘Tugegushi”(つげ櫛)and  flower ornamental hairpin, and hair oil that not need to remove after you use it!


Madura-seiroho is nearby Yasaka shrine (八坂神社)

After you pass Shijo-Ohashi (四条大橋)

Please just go straight to arrive at there.

You can find this shop on your left side!


Here is Kadura-seiroho. 

Around entrance, you can see some cosmetics and items like bag, hand towel and so on.

Inside of this shop, you can find some cosmetics that Maiko use for hair to keep beautiful.

Because Maiko can not wash their hair everyday, therefore after they use camellia oil.


This above picture take by me is pure camellia oil.

There are 2 kinds camellia oils.

Left side is spray type to use easily and right side is classical  bottle.

I asked how to use them, and why they have 2 kinds.

Woman salesperson answered that, spray type easy to bring.

Just push the nozzle, some oil pour to your hands.

After that, you have to extend oil with both hands to make it smoothly, and length your hair softly please.

This camellia oil  protect your hair from ultraviolet radiation.

And, before drying your hair after washing, please use this one to protect from heat.

Classical type is 1800JPY, and spray type is 3300JPY.

If you want to use it everyday,  I recommend you to buy classical one because it was not so expensive!


This is extremely popular as souvenir! 

Lip cream including essence of camellia and honey.

Of course you can try it. and in addition, another one also nice that smell of green tea.

Great tea lip cream also same price 1200 JPY per one stick, but most of customers prefer to buy camellia and honey lip cream because it has not smell, you can feel better if you try it.

Therefore, I recommend you to buy it for your self and as souvenir to family and friends!

Natural organic essence give your lip much moisture and protect from dry.


These are set for gift that limited version on summer.

These  has some kind of gifs that you can choose what you want.

Small hand towel, cream, and oil, or Japanese style towel, cream, and lip stick that I introduce above.

If you can come to Kyoto as trip and go to there, do not miss that!

These set of gifts are relatively lower than other gift sets.

This shop history is very long.

Since 1865, when this shop was founded by Mr Seizaburo of this shop named has been Kazurasei which means it specialize in hair accessories.

And their camellia oil is 100 percent pure that made from camellias in Gotou Kyushu.

It helps to restore damaged hair, and make your hair healthy look!


■information : Shop list and detail information



Inside of Kyoto station Porta branc

Kyoto city Simogyo-ku Karasumadori Shiokoji-kudaru Higashi Shiokoji-machi, 902

 TEL    :075-365-2299

Opening time:10:00 to 22:00



Kyoto city Simogyo-ku, Higashitoin-dori Takatsuji-kudaru, Toroucho 579

京都市下京区 東洞院通高辻下ル燈籠町579

TEL       :075-351-0693

Opening time: 9:00 to 17:00


・Yojiya honten (よーじや本店)

Kyoto city Nakagyo-ku, Shinkyogoku-dori  Shijo-noboru, Nakanomachi-cho 565

京都市中京区 新京極通四条上ル中之町565

TEL     :075-221-4626

Opening time :11:00 to 19:00


・Kadura-seiroho Gion main branch  (かづら清老舗)

Kyoto city, Higashiyama-ku, Gion-sho Kitagawa 285


TEL      :075-561-0672

Opening time :11 :00 to 19:00

■Let’S use natural cosmetics used by Maiko and be healthy beauty!


On chapter 2, I introduced some shops that Maiko use them.

Their make up when they go to Japanes style restaurant and receiving company well, they have to thick coat of paint as you know extremely  white.

And lips also will be dry.

Therefore, to keep natural beauty they use organic cosmetics when they can rest on holiday.

If you annoying about your damaged skin, lips,  and hair, let’s try these cosmetics!

They will be make you more natural beauty like Maiko on holiday, and you will be satisfied with them with assurance.