1. Vip Tour

Vip Tour

Customize Your Private Tour to
Experience“Omotenashi” by Maiko

The VIP Tour takes place in a private room. Fees include your meal and an all-you-can-drink plan (alcoholic beverages included). The tour includes a maiko dance performance and ozashiki-asobi (games played with maiko), and you are free to take pictures during the tour. There is a special present for all participants from maiko in the end of the tour. A tour guide fluent in either English or Chinese will be provided for you. We recommend this tour for guests who cannot make time to participate in the Main Tour on Tuesdays.


  • Private Room with a
    Touch of Japanese flavor

    You’ ll have a relaxing meal time with maiko in a Japanese style private room.( “Horigotatsu” style tables

  • Special Gift

    Maiko will give all guests an exceptional gift which cannot be got at other places!


  • Dinner

    Kyoto-style Japanese muilticourse meal (appetizers, oden, sashimi, tempra, beef stake, rice and desert).
    Also the beverage service isall-you-can-drink including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There are vegetarian and halal options, so kindly inform us in advance. (Please tell us your dietary restrictions and allergies on the reservation page.)

  • Maiko Dance

    The maiko will perform an elegant and gorgeous dance for you in their beautiful kimono. We hope you will enjoy this performance which they practice daily to perfect.
    Please feel free to capture the special moment in pictures or videos.

  • Explanation of Maiko
    by our Guide

    Our guide will explain about the culture of maiko such as maiko’ s kimono, manners and history.
    You’ ll learn interesting facts of maiko.

  • Conversation
    with Maiko

    The maiko girls will take turns visiting each group. This is a valuable opportunity to speak with the girls, so feel free to ask them whatever is on your mind. Our guide will be translator for guests who cannot speak Japanese.

  • Ozashiki Asobi

    This part of the event allows our guests to experience ozashiki games with maiko. Being able to directly participate in the event is far more enjoyable than simply watching. We also have some simple prizes for our winning guests, and we hope you will participate in the games which we have prepared.

  • Photo

    You are free to take pictures with the maiko. You may also take pictures and videos during the dance and ozashiki-asobi events.
    Be sure to take this opportunity to capture your exclusive Kyoto experience in picture and film. You’ ll receive pictures taken by staff after the event.



2 guests

¥39,000 / Guest

3 guests

¥35,000 / Guest

4 or more guests

¥25,000 / Guest

Date Guests may choose their preferred day for this tour.
* Please make your reservation at least three days before your desired date.
Time An event length of two hours between the hours of 11:00 AM and 10:00 PM.
Location Yasaka-Dori Enraku
Cancellation Policy Time of Reservation – 3 Days Before the Event: ¥30,000
2 Days Before the Event – Day of the Event: ¥30,000 + ¥5,000/Guest