1. The Best 5 Bike Tours in Kyoto!

The Best 5 Bike Tours in Kyoto!

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Kyoto has many sightseeing spots and a lot of people ride on a train or bus and other public transport. Those are very crowd, and in the holidays, you will be caught in a traffic jam. Therefore, we strongly recommend hiring a bicycle in Kyoto! Cycling tours are very convenient because the professional guide will take you many recommended sights. In this article, I recommend the best five cycling tours. If you are interested in the cycling tours or you have not decided the destination, please check this article!

If you would like to go around Kyoto on your way, I recommend the rental bike.

The 5 Best Rental Bike Shop in Kyoto

The guidance for riding a bicycle for sightseeing in Kyoto

You’ll need to know how to cycle safely in Kyoto well in advance.

Here’s a very useful website called “Enjoy 自転車 (Jitensha) life in Kyoto” (Jitensha means bike in Japanese).

It explains the rules and manners of cycling; which side of the road you should cycle, how to park and things you must not do.


URL: https://kyoto-bicycle.com/pdf/enjoyjitensyalife_english.pdf

Here are five rental bike shops in each area in Kyoto!

Five great bike tours in Kyoto

It would be great to meet up with other people as a group and cycle together in Kyoto. So, we’ve recommended five bike tours.

Kyoto on bikes

kyoto tower

Kyoto on bikes offers a bike tour to cycle and have fun in Kyoto. You can get tips and local knowledge by taking part in this tour with a friendly guide, discovering a little of Kyoto and having some quality time.



Small group maximum 8 people – about 12,000 yen

Private tour minimum 2 people – about 15,000 yen


Small group tour – 5.5 hours

Private tour – 5.5 hours

Approx. 18 km distance

Open: Depends on the tour, please take a look their website.


– Bike rental is included

– Transport fees in the case of heavy rain

This is the URL of this cycling tour!


North Kyoto Bike Adventure

Kinkaku temple

North Kyoto Bike Adventure starts near Kyoto station, Nishi Honganji temple, Kitano Tenmangu shrine, Golden Pavilion, Imperial Palace and to Gion.


Price: 10,000 yen (bike, helmet, lunch, water is included)

Duration: 5 hours, Approx. 22 km distance

Starting time: start at 10:00am

Notes: Enter some spots like Nishi Honganji temple and Kitano Tenmangu shrine, and spend about 20 mins at the Golden Pavilion.

This is the URL of this cycling tour!


Kyoto Urban Adventures – Small group bike tour

kyoto walking tour

Kyoto Urban Adventures run small group bike tours in Kyoto. 9 people are the maximum, so plenty of time to ask any questions you may have.

The tour starts at Kyoto tourist bus station, and you’ll explore the former imperial city including back alleys and hidden paths.


Price: from about 7, 800 yen (bike, helmet are included)

Duration: 3 hours, Approx. 15 km distance

Starting time: start at 8:45am

Notes: Minimum age is 12 years old, Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level

This is the URL of this cycling tour!


Arashiyama Bike Tour Early Bird


Arashiyama Bike Tours are for the early birds in order to avoid crowds, taking you to temples and the bamboo forest, but not only popular spots but also some of the hidden gems that Kyoto has to offer. You will enjoy a quiet and relaxing time, but a fun time seeing all that Arashiyama has to offer.


Price: 9,500 yen (bike, helmet, bottle water is included)

Duration: 3 hours

Starting time: start at 8:00am

Notes: Maximum is 7 people

This is the URL of this cycling tour!


Kyoto Epic Bike Tour

kyoto Fushimi shrine

Kyoto Epic Bike Tour will take you to Fushimi-inari shrine and the Tofukuji temple. You can experience the culture and the Japanese gardens of these very popular tourist spots.


Price: 12,000 yen (Fushimiinari shrine and Tofukuji temple admission fees are included)

Duration: 45 mins

Starting time: start at 10:00am from Kon’s cycle

Notes: Travelers should have a moderate physical fitness level

This is the URL of this cycling tour!



So, what do you think about cycling in Kyoto?

There are many different opportunities and tours, so hope you find the best way to enjoy cycling in Kyoto!


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