1. The Best 5 Rental Bike Shops in Kyoto

The Best 5 Rental Bike Shops in Kyoto

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S-fleage is a Kyoto-based company. We are proud to introduce the charms of Kyoto to the world. We hope this article will help you to experience Kyoto.

It feels great whilst riding a bicycle, and such a convenient way to move around the city freely – a feeling you wouldn’t get by driving a car or taking a taxi. You can certainly do it on your trip to Kyoto and get a really different sensation of the city.

So, let us introduce to you five bike rental shops in Kyoto. It might be a good idea for you to hire a bicycle making it easier to move around a spot-to-spot, especially places that aren’t within walking distance, but close enough for a cycle ride, as Kyoto has some sightseeing spots that you can plan to visit in one day.

You can expect there to be a lot of traffic in many areas in Kyoto, so you can expect to get stuck in traffic when traveling by bus or taxi, and so delaying plans, getting behind schedule or rushing to see things in order to achieve your day plan.

So, renting a bike in Kyoto makes absolute sense – not wasting time on transport, saving costs and getting active, meaning those people who miss their gym routine can exercise whilst sightseeing.

Therefore, we strongly recommend hiring a bicycle in Kyoto!


If you have not decided on your destination yet, I will recommend you the cycling tour!

This is the URL of some recommended cycling tour in Kyoto.

The Best 5 Bike Tours in Kyoto!

Three reasons why renting a bike in Kyoto is worth it

It is eco-friendly and a fun way to get around during your trip, as it can be more convenient than just using public transportation.

Let us explain the bike rental some more for you.

Saving your time in Kyoto

This is good for the tourist with limited time in Kyoto. Saving time by cycling from place-to-place makes a lot of sense, for time and budget.

You’ll get there quicker, you don’t need to spend time waiting for your public transportation like bus or train, and you may just find some hidden gems of Kyoto whilst doing so.

You can get really mobile if you rent a bike, especially in Kyoto – one of the busiest cities in the world!

Avoiding traffic

You really don’t waste your time on public transport during your trip in order to see more places.

If you plan to visit Kyoto during its peak season – March to April, September to November, traffic will definitely be heavy, that is why one of the most beneficial ways for tourists is to cycle. 55 million foreign tourists visit Kyoto, as it is one of the most desirable destinations, so its roads are always busy, but you can avoid the traffic. You won’t be tired due to waiting for transportation, but instead, you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated from cycling.

Exploring and Discovering pinch points

Taking the bus, train or taxi is, of course, convenient in Kyoto, taking you to a variety of different areas.

But if you cycle, it means you can take your time much more, and you can stop wherever you want. You’ll also be able to discover very cute alleys, hidden cafés, and sights of the tourist map that leaflets don’t show. It could be the best way to make a very original holiday!

The guidance for riding a bicycle for sightseeing in Kyoto

You’ll need to know how to cycle safely in Kyoto well in advance.

Here’s a very useful website called “Enjoy 自転車 (Jitensha) life in Kyoto” (Jitensha means bike in Japanese).

It explains the rules and manners of cycling; which side of the road you should cycle, how to park and things you must not do.


URL: https://kyoto-bicycle.com/pdf/enjoyjitensyalife_english.pdf

Here are five rental bike shops in each area in Kyoto!

The Best 5 rental bike shops in Kyoto

Wherever you are in Kyoto, you will have bike shops renting bikes, so let’s take a look at each area’s rental bike shop!

KYOTO ECO TRIP – Around Kyoto station 

KYOTO ECO TRIP is located very conveniently, just 2 mins walk from Hachijo-exit of Kyoto station. The shop was given its certificate by Kyoto city bypassing 13 different assessments.

There are three more shops in Kyoto, offering ten different kinds of bike for both adults and children, and also providing their own original cycling map for free.

-Service information:

Bikes are delivered to your hotel and returned to the hotel or any branches.

Online booking is available two days before you want to hire.


1,000 yen – the most popular bike with 3 gearshifts

1,000 yen – kids bike, a helmet is included

2,000 yen – electric assisted bike with a large battery, good for a long cycling

1,300 yen – bike with child rear seat

2,300 yen – electric assisted bike with child rear seat

-Opening time:

Basic time (1 day) – 8:30-18:00

Late return – 18:01-22:00 (additional 400 yen)


Flagship stores near Kyoto station, Kyoto tower, Shijo Karasuma and delivered to hotels


58 Higashikujō Muromachi, Minami-ku, Kyoto, 601-8001

This is the official site of KYOTO ECO TRIP!




JiaJia Fei 费嘉菁さん(@vajiajia)がシェアした投稿

The best spot near the shop is Fushimi-inari shrine.

This ancient Shinto shrine is famous for the thousands of vermillion torii gates that straddle the mountain hiking trails behind its main buildings.

It is the most important of several thousand shrines dedicated to the Shinto god of rice. As foxes are thought to be his messengers, there are many fox statues throughout the shrine grounds.

Bike rental shop EMUSICA – Gion area 

The bike rental shop EMUSICA is located in Miyagawa-cho, Gion. You’re highly likely to already be in Gion and by the Kamo river – therefore EMUSICA is a very convenient place for you to pick-up a bike. Friendly English speaking staff is there to help, and all at a reasonable price.

-Service information:

2,000 yen deposit is required and refunded on return; you’ll also need to show your passport as an ID.

All bikes are with 3 gears.

Online booking is available.


1,000 yen for 1 day until 20:00

500 yen to add for until next morning

4,000 yen for 1 week

-Opening time:


-Area: Gion or Higashiyama



〒605-0801 Kyoto, Higashiyama-ku, Miyagawasuji, 2-chōme, 239,6


〒606-8205 Kyoto, Sakyō-ku, Tanaka Kamiyanagichō, 24,1F

This is the URL of EMUSICA!


In this area, I recommend the Gion. Gion is Kyotos most famous geisha district and features a high concentration of traditional wooden ‘machiya’ merchant houses. At night, there are many great restaurants in Gion so when you finish your bike tour, you should visit here and heal yourself.

If you are interested in Gion area, please check here:

The Best Things to do in Gion in Kyoto

KYOTO RENTAL BIKE – Shijo Karasuma area 

KYOTO RENTAL BIKE is located just 8 mins walk from Shijo Karasuma station or 7 mins walk from Karasuma Oike station.

It is in the center of Kyoto and there are many sightseeing opportunities around the area, so it is really worth to rent a bike and get active.

-Service information:

3,000 yen deposit is required and refunded on return; you’ll need to show your passport as ID (photocopy OK).

Online booking is available.


1,000 yen for 1 day

1,300 yen for 1 day (with gear)

1,000 yen for kids, 1 day

-Opening time: 9:00-19:00

-Area: Shijo Karasuma area


352 Rokkakuchō, Nakagyō-ku, Kyoto, 604-8212






“SIVELIA” SHNDさん(@sivelia_hnd)がシェアした投稿

The best spot in this bike tour is Nanzen-ji temple. In summer, you can see the lotus flowers in the pond pf this temple and in autumn, this temple is filled with the autumn leaves. You can enjoy the seasonal plants or flower. You also have to see the arch aqueduct in this temple. This bridge has a very long history and very stylish so this has been used in many dramas and animes. You can take good photos with this bridge

If you are interested in Kyoto as the downtown, please check here:

Things to do in Kyoto Downtown

Kyoto Bicycle Rental KYO no RAKU-CHARI – north of Higashiyama area 

KYO no RAKU-CHARI has been running for the last 10 years and provides electric-assisted bikes for tourists. They offer both electric-assisted bikes and standard bikes.

-Service information:

There are two plans for renting a bike at KYO no RAKU-CHARI:

A 1-day plan and a 3 hours plan.

Also, a 1 night 2 days plan is available.

Online booking is available.


1 day plan up to 9 hours for an electric assisted bike

2,000 yen – general

1,500 yen – student

1 day plan up to 9 hours for a standard bike

1,000 yen (3 speed)

1,200 yen (5 speed)

1,000 yen for child

3 hours plan for an electric assisted bike

1,000 yen – general

1,200 yen – with child seat

3 hours plan for a standard bike

1,000 yen (3 speed, 26 inches)

1,100 yen (3 speed, 27 inches)

1,000 yen for child

-Opening time: 9:00-18:00

-Area: north of Higashiyama area


〒606-8346 Kyoto, Sakyō-ku, Minamimonzenchō, 538-3 ABC building 1F

This is the URL of KYO no RAKU-CHARI! This site only applies Japanese.




Gonzalo Vegaさん(@gonzalovega8)がシェアした投稿

I recommend Yasaka shrine. You can see the big gate and it is very beautiful. You can enjoy a food stand every day and experience the atmosphere of the Japanese summer festivals. And, you have to see the Maiden. At night, it is lighted by Chouchin, Japanese lamp and it is fantastic

Hankyu Rent-a-cycle ARASHIYAMA -Arashiyama area 

Hankyu Rent-a-cycle ARASHIYAMA is just in front of Arashiyama station on the Hankyu line – actually only 40 seconds away – so you can hire the bike very conveniently, and feel free to cycle around Arashiyama where there are lots to see, from historical spots to the bamboo forest!

-Service information:

You need to show your passport as an ID to hire a bike and return it within the specified time.


900 yen for 1 day – Saturday, Sunday, National holidays and November

500 yen for 2 hours – weekdays (except November)

700 yen for 4 hours – weekdays (except November)

900 yen more than 4 hours – weekdays (except November)

-Opening time:

9:00-17:00 (last hiring 16:30) – November to April

9:00-18:00 (last hiring 17:30) – May to November

-Area: Arashiyama


Arashiyama Nishiichikawacho, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto, 616-0003



The best spot to see is the cherry blossoms in spring. It is very beautiful that the pink of cherry and the blue of the Katsura-gawa river. You can take good pictures from the Togetsukyo-Bridge, Arashiyama’s central landmark.


If you are interested in Arashiyama, please check here:

Arashiyama, Kyoto – Sagano Bamboo Forest


Beyond the winding paths and scenic routes that biking in Kyoto reveals, the city is also home to profound cultural experiences that immerse you in its rich heritage. One such experience is the Hochoshiki Knife Ceremony, a traditional Japanese craft that showcases the artistry and skill behind the making of Japanese knives. This ceremony not only offers a glimpse into the meticulous process of knife crafting but also celebrates the cultural significance of these tools in Japanese cuisine. After a day of exploring Kyoto’s breathtaking landscapes by bike, consider delving deeper into the cultural fabric of this historic city by witnessing the elegance and precision of the Hochoshiki Knife Ceremony.

For more information on the Hochoshiki, please visit here: https://www.hochoshiki-knifeceremony.com/ 

A sacred place for Japanese food, a treasure house of ingredients, Minami-Boso Takaya Shrine Kitchen knife ceremony “Ryumon-no-Koi” long story: edited by Minamiboso City Tourism Association Channel


So, what do you think about cycling in Kyoto?

There are many different opportunities and tours, so hope you find the best way to enjoy cycling in Kyoto!