1. Tips for Travelers to Kyoto: What Should You Wear in May?

Tips for Travelers to Kyoto: What Should You Wear in May?

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When you start packing for your next trip to a foreign country, it must be very questionable what to wear on your trip as climate is different. Today, I’d like to talk about recommended outfits for your Kyoto trip in May, hope it’ll be helpful.

Climate in Kyoto


The climate in May is very easy to stay as the average temperature is around 20 degrees. 
However, please keep in your mind that it is warm during the daytime, but gets a little bit cold at night, so you should be ready for both situations. 

How do people in Kyoto wear around this season? Now, let’s take a look at some real examples!

People’s Outfits Around The City

Firstly, here is the area called Karasuma-Oike is an office district in Kyoto, where our office is located.


As pedestrians are mostly businessmen, so you see that they are wearing formal black suites. 

We’d better move to other popular places for tourists as they aren’t good examples for traveler outfits. . .

Our next place is around the Kamo River.


The Kamo River runs the centre of Kyoto from the north to south and it is the most famous river in Kyoto. When it’s good weather, there are lots of people taking a rest, having a good time with family or friends, and taking a jog along the river. People can feel comfortable breeze through the river. It’s like an oasis for people in Kyoto.
Their outfits are mostly long-sleeve tops and long pants.
Aside to that, the Kamo river is known as a place where young couples sit at evenly spaced distances.

I have a question for you! Where is the author in the picture above?
Hint: He isn’t dating anyone.
Ta-dan, the answer is here.


. . . Yes, I’m feeling lonely now.
When you want to take a little bit of break during your trip, the Kamo River is one of the best choices for a resting place you should pick.

Recommended Outfits

As taking a look at some real examples around the city, the recommended outfit style for tourists is wearing a T shirt under a spring jacket and long-pants.

Here is a picture showing the recommended style,

Male’s example (Staff Mr. A)

Female’s example (Staff Ms. B)

The most important thing the author wants to tell you is to wear a T SHIRT under a jacket.
In order to stay comfortable under the changeable climate in May, it is important to be ready for a bit hot and cold weather.

For some of readers might be in Kyoto already and look for good stores to buy proper clothing to adapt the climate, my favorite store, UNIQLO, is well recommended.

It provides simple, yet very reasonable and hight-quality products, so please search the nearest UNIQLO on your map apps.

As you know, Kyoto is famous for Maiko/Geiko. They wear layered kimono like Fukune chan in the picture,

Well, it looks uncomfortable and she must be feeling hot and tired at the daytime.
Like her, you may have a day like you want to escape from the hot weather. Here is a solution to the kind of situation.

Coping with Hot Weather

“Antiperspirant Body Paper” and “Antiperspirant Body Lotion” are very convenient on a hot day. By using those convenient products, you are able to take off your sweat to refresh your body and mind. In Japan, there are lots of different kinds of antiperspirant products and the quality is guaranteed.

Antiperspirant Body Paper

Here is one of the best antiperspirant products.


How to use it:

① Take a sheet from a package

② Wipe your skin with the sheet

③ Feeling SO GOOD!

Advantage: Small, easy to take around with you and very easy to use anywhere
Disadvantage: Becomes a garbage after using it

Antiperspirant Body Lotion

How to use it:

① Take the lotion on your hand

② Apply it on your skin

③ Feeling SO GOOD!!

Advantage: Just liquid, no garbage. Stronger smell than body sheets
Disadvantages: a bit harder to use when you’re walking than using body sheets. Possibility to spill it


The author personally prefer antiperspirant body sheets. It’s because that a cap of a lotion bottle is easily opened on its own inside a bag and I’ve had the situation before, it was like a disaster. Please be careful.

Those products are available for purchase in convenience stores and drugstores. Usually, drugstores offer cheaper prices than convenience stores do, go and check stores such as:

・Matsumoto Kiyoshi (マツモトキヨシ)
・Cocokara Fine (ココカラファイン)
・Uerushia Drug Store (ウエルシア薬局)
・Daikoku Drug (ダイコクドラッグ)
I hope the information here is helpful for you.
May is the best time of year to visit Kyoto due to its climate.
Stay comfortable and enjoy your trip to Kyoto in May before rainy season comes!