1. Your Complete Guide to Use ATMs in Japan

Your Complete Guide to Use ATMs in Japan

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Takumu Ogama

I have been living in Kyoto, Japan since I was born. I have a lot of friends in other countries. So, I know how poor their knowledge about Kyoto is. That is why I am trying to share food, culture, and stuffs like those with people around the world. I hope my articles will be useful for your trip.

While the world seems to be advancing into the “cashless” era, did you know that cash still is widely used in Japan? In many cases, you can only purchase things by cash. This is especially true during serious business deals or when shopping at regional places. Paying in cash is not only necessary, it is also convenient in many cases. For example, you can quickly pay for things at a 100 yen store or at a food stall with cash. Although you now know you need cash, you may feel insecure using an ATM to get cash in a foreign country, including Japan. However, with some preparation, you will be worry-free from using ATMs in Japan. In this article, I will be introducing different ATM types and how to use it.


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Japan Post Bank which provides ATMs at post offices in Japan 

Japan Post Bank has over 2,700 ATMs across the country and is mainly installed at post offices. You can also find Japan Post Bank ATMs at some Family Marts. The ATMs can be used in 16 languages, including Japanese, Thai, English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Malay, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

It can be used 24/7, except for 23:55-00:05 (The third Monday is available from 7:00). You can use credit or cash cards issued by financial institutions abroad. The cards must bear one of the following: ISA, VISA ELECTRON, PLUS, Mastercard, Maestro, Cirrus, American Express, JCB, China UnionPay and DISCOVER, Note that a usage fee of \216 (tax included) may apply. When using the ATM, after choosing the language (English), touch the button for “withdrawal” and enter how much you want. Remember to think in yen! Below is a video explaining how to do this.

Seven Bank, you can find this ATM around Japan

The Seven Bank ATMs are literally everywhere in Japan, as it is installed in Seven Eleven, the convince stores that boasts the largest stores for convincing stores in Japan. There are more than 23000 stores all over the country! The ATMs are available in 12 different languages, including English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, German, and Portuguese. The ATM can be used 24/7 except for the third Sunday from 0:30-5:30 every month.

You can use credit or cash cards issued by financial institutions abroad bearing VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, DISCOVER, and American Express. You can also withdraw or deposit cash for free. However, it will cost 108 yen from 0:00-7:00 and 19:00-24:00 when withdrawing cash. Below is a video explaining how to withdraw cash using the Seven Bank ATM. When using the ATM, choose the language, the “withdrawal” button, and choose your account type. We recommend choosing “savings” if you want to withdraw it from your savings account instead of choosing the credit account.

Many convenience stores of Seven Eleven has Wi-Fi area.

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PRESTIA, you can use many kinds of cards not only famous one in Japan

PRESTIA is operated by one of the leading banks in Japan, SMBC Trust Bank. There is a possibility you can use cards. However, one thing to note is that the ATMs are only installed at limited places around Japan, such as the major urban cities and the Kanto Region, as well as Kansai International Airport, Haneda Airport, and Narita Airport. Unlike the other ATMs introduced above, English is the only foreign language offered. It can be used 24/7. However, business hours differ during the end and beginning of the New Year at some ATMs in Japan. It takes most major bank’s cash cards and credit cards issued overseas. There are no service fees charged when using a credit card issued overseas.


As Japan heavily relies on cash, it’s best to carry around couple ten thousand yens with you before leaving the airport. If you need cash while you’re traveling outdoors, the Japan Post Bank and Seven Bank is probably the most convenient choice. If you can’t use your card at those two banks, try the PRESTIA Bank that might accept it. And don’t forget that there are increasingly more places that accept credit cards when paying in Japan.

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